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20 Feb
Guide to Personal Photography Projects

Guide to Personal Photography Projects

Personal photography projects are a great way to rekindle a love of photography and get your creative style flowing. Whether you’re experiencing a momentary stagnation in your photo output or simply want to find new inspiration and build on your skills this is the perfect time to get started on a photo project.


The Benefits:

  • Builds up your photography portfolio
  • Opportunity to stretch your photography skills
  • Opportunity to photograph new things and get out of your comfort zone
  • There will always be something to photograph
  • Help broaden your network
  • Explore a theme or style you’re passionate about




Project Theme:

The key to picking out the perfect photo project theme is brainstorming. Theme’s don’t have to be complicated, show-offy or out of your comfort zone. The best projects are the ones which you can easily integrate into your life so you can carry them out; if you have to travel for days to reach your subject it probably isn’t the one for you; pick something you’re passionate about and that’s accessible to you.

Other things to consider are time (i.e how long you wish the project to last), the number of images you want to have in your series, using consistent gear throughout and also its worth coming up with a project statement to keep you on task.

One thing you should always accept is that there will be projects you start but won’t finish, either because of availability or simply because your heart isn’t in it, just accept these as unfinished and start afresh.




Potential Themes:

Project 365

(The commonality for all 365 projects is you take at least one photo a day for a year, sort of like a photo journal. The main benefit of this style of project is it gets you into the habit of viewing your surroundings with a photographic eye.)

52 photo projects

(Pick a new photo idea for each week of the year. TechRadar has a great list of suggestions you can follow. Click here to view)
Random word

(As simple as that; pick a random word and capture images relating to it.)

Revisit the old

(You don’t have to photograph just the new, taking a look through your old work,looking to edit or perfect the shot is a great way to build up your skill)

Personal Conversation
Photography in the Rain
Street Photography
Get up close
Night Photography
A change of perspective
100 Strangers
A self-portrait
A year in the life of…
In abstract
Artistic inspiration




Getting through your project:

As we mentioned coming up with a project statement is worthwhile, this can be the objective, the message you are looking to convey and the like. Having the statement allows you to have an additional end goal on top of the number of shots and time. Plan yourself in a reward for once you’ve reached your goal; whether it be a meal out, camera equipment or simply a box of chocolates, that additional tangible reward can help you through those creative blocks and hurdles.

Let friends and family know you’re completing a photo project; having that added conversation and questions about progress, as well as feedback on your work can be a huge boost to completing it.


photobook photo project


Completed your photo project? Now What?

If you want to increase your exposure and get your photo project out there for all to see there are plenty of ways to share the results. Don’t feel like you have to though! Much like journals, some people prefer to keep the results of their photo projects to themselves, in particular, if they are a very personal project; if you do however wish to get it out there-there are plenty of ways:

  • Website – if you have a website or are looking to build one, a personal project is a great place to start with getting your style and skills across to the world as well as give insight into you as a person.
  • Sell your work – stock photography sites are a great way for photographers to make money from their work, alternatively, reach out to sites to sell as print art pieces.
  • Produce a photo book – perfect for displaying around your home for bragging rights
  • Blogging – tell the story of your project

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