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October 10, 2011

Creating Multi-Image Picture

If you want to display something a little different in a picture frame then why not try creating your own panoramic-like image which can be displayed in a frame with three or more images going either across or down. Next time you go somewhere and see a beautiful view, such as the setting sun on the horizon or if you have a big group of friends but don’t want to squeeze everyone into a small space you could try splitting it up into multiple photos.

When taking a photo of the setting sun on your holiday, take one photo and then move your camera across the horizon and take another, repeating for as many photos as you want. This can also work with large groups of people; get everyone into a line and move along taking photos.

Be careful to make sure that your photos don’t overlap and that you don’t leave too big a gap in between them either. You can then display these multi photos in a frame to create a larger image, as you can see below.

Horizon image for picture frame

You could have one image of a horizon...

Picture frame of 3 photos

...or split it into three!

If you want to give it a go then you can get a custom picture frame from Picture Frames Express and use the frame designer to order whatever size frame you want. You could even be really adventurous and try and create an image split over two rows and two columns!

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