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July 27, 2011

Amazing Concert Panorama

Once again it’s time for one of those marvellous images from the Internet that the Picture Frames Express team loves. That’s right it’s another amazing fully interactive 360 degree panoramic image to feast your eyes on!

Check out the Take That Progress Live 360 Wembley Photo.

Take That panoramic picture

Although not as big as the 80 gigapixel panorama of London we previously posted, this 20 gigapixel panorama of Take That’s recent concert at Wembley stadium is truly impressive. The panorama takes in everything from the band onstage and their giant stage prop, to the screaming girls in the front row and the steward stood on the very back row. It even allows each every individual fan that packed into the stadium to tag themselves on Facebook.

If you were there with friends and have found your group within the crowd then we think you should have multi picture frames made as a memento for everyone. You could have a picture of you and your friends in the crowd, a close up one of the band and one of the whole stage. This would look great in any of our styles of picture frames and be a great reminder of the sell out concert.

If you were there and have tagged yourself, then why not let the Picture Frames Express team know.

Till next time.

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