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April 30, 2013

How to Hang a Picture Frame

How to Hang a Picture Frame

How to Mount and Hang a Picture Frame on Your Site: Copy and Paste the Code Below

So you’ve got your favourite photo or piece of  artwork and you’ve got your picture frame; now comes the tricky part. Placing your photo or artwork and fixing your picture frame to the wall for some people is easier said than done. If you do usually struggle with this then follow our handy guide above or simple steps below to prepare and hang your picture frames perfectly every time.

  1. Before you get started make sure you have everything you will need. Aside from your frame and hanging hardware all you really need is a screwdriver, hammer, pencil and spirit level. For a heavy duty frame you will also need a drill.
  2. Place your frame face down on a clean, soft, flat surface. A dining room table is ideal but a soft carpet is also fine if you would rather work on the floor.
  3. Using a flat head screwdriver, very carefully lift the tabs to release the backing of the frame.
  4. You should now be able to lift the backing out of the frame. Do so and place it to the side for the time being.
  5. You can now remove the glazing from the frame. If the glazing has a protective covering, remove this from both sides being careful not to get finger prints on the internal side.
  6. Place the item you are framing between the backing and the glazing.
  7. Carefully lower the glazing, item and backing back into the frame and bend the tabs back into place to secure the construction.
  8. Use brown tape around the edge of the frame backing. This will add an extra level of security in the construction of the frame and ensure that moisture, dust and creepy crawlies can’t get in.
  9. Mark the position for the d-rings with a pencil. In most cases this should be about a third of the way down from the top of the frame. Use a tape measure or ruler to ensure the distances are equal.
  10. Place your d-rings over the pencil marks created in the previous step.
  11. Using a Phillips head screwdriver attach the d-rings to the frame.
  12. Loop the cord through the two d-rings and tie up as securely as possible.
  13. Using your trusty pencil once again, mark the position on the wall where you wish to hang your frame. Remember to take into account the slack in your cord.
  14. Heavier frames may require a screw to secure them but for lighter frames a nail should suffice. In this case, carefully hammer your nail through the hole in your hanging hook, preferably into a stud. You can then skip to step 18.
  15. If you have a heavy duty frame or are hanging your frame on a brick wall you will need to use a screw. Start by drilling a suitably sized hole with your electric drill. Warning: Check the wall for wires and pipes before drilling.
  16. Select the correct wall plug for the wall you are using and insert it into the hole.
  17. Insert the screw through the hole in the hook and into the wall.
  18. Hang your picture frame from the hook.
  19. Finally ensure your picture frame is straight and level.
  20. And that’s it! All that is left to do is stand back and admire your good work.

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