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November 11, 2011

Positioning a Picture Frame

So you’ve taken an amazing photo, you’ve ordered your made to measure picture frame and you’ve framed it and it looks great but now comes the difficult part. Where are you going to hang it? If a picture frame is hung well on a wall then it can create an interesting focal point within a room, both for guests that visit your home and also for you to see every day.

Struggling to position a picture frame? Follow our helpful tips.

There is a standard rule that Art Gallery’s use with regards to hanging a frame, which is that it should be 60inches or 1520mm from the floor to the centre of the picture. This allows the picture to be positioned at the average person’s eye level so that the focal point of the picture is right in eye line. Whilst this is very easy to do in an art gallery with all its bare walls, it might not be as easy in the home due to a fireplace or other unmoveable object. It is only a suggested rule though so keep it in mind but don’t worry if it’s not possible.

Another good technique to use if you are unsure of where to hang your picture frame for maximum effect is to create a template the size and shape of your frame. This could be made by taping together old pieces of paper and then using blu-tack to stick it onto the wall in different places. This will give you an idea on what something the size and shape of your frame will look like on the wall. Using this method allows you to stand back from the wall to take in the full effect and positioning of the frame and allows you to test different ideas.

If you find a position you’re happy with then you can go about hanging your picture, but if you don’t like the positioning you can simply remove the template and stick it to another area. This method means you can test different positions without having to hammer lots of holes into the wall.

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