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03 Sep
Creative Tips For Street Photography

Creative Tips For Street Photography

Why is street photography so unique?

With the ease of going on cheaper City Breaks abroad, or by using the individually unique cities on our doorstep, Street Photography has blossomed into one of the biggest photography genres. But what makes it so popular even though it’s regarded as a harder form of photography?

What is street photography?

Street photography is the essence of capturing a person or people in their daily life. May that be their walk to work or people just going about their daily life, street photography aims to capture deeper meaning and messages within shots.

Exploring Cultures

Being able to take your camera to different cities allows you to explore these places differently. Your camera will lead you to places that you wouldn’t usually explore, potentially visiting rural parts of cities. We’re not saying completely miss out the tourist areas of the city, as these offer large groups and iconic places to photograph, but the truly unique meaningful images come from something unique, something unpopular.


Be Brave

Being brave with street photography means getting amongst it, may it be large groups of people walking or a protest of some kind. Becoming a street photographer means getting involved and hitting the streets for potential long days taking shots.

Show respect

In some cases, the ultimate candid photo isn’t the right thing to do. Some people with their profession, privacy and opinion on photography might not appreciate them being the subject of your photo. Candid photos usually provide the best expressions and deeper meaning, however, staged photos of someone going about their daily life can help create clarity and portray a clearer message. This would be a better option for photographing individuals and their profession specifically, and full portraits help show them better.



Always think of the message you’re trying to take with your photos. Facial expressions and body movement like any form of portraiture play a huge part in the meaning behind the photo. Some shots require specific positioning, and with the beauty of Street Photography, it means you can portray this through candid OR staged shoots, depending on a variety of aspects mentioned above.

Some Techniques

Different photography techniques allow you to portray a variety of meanings and messages to your audience. Here are a few of the more common techniques, and the sort of messages they help to portray.


By blurring photos, you give the effect of movement, may it be rushing around or moving away from something. This begins to create a story with the image, why were they running? Where are they going? The more questions your photo creates, the more your audience can infer and depict from your image.



There isn’t really an ideal light for street photography, as varying light sources of brightness can impact the mood of your photo massively, and you can use this to your advantage.   Be sure not to wash out the subject of the photo, or add too much direct sunlight into the lens as this could distort the image.



Don’t let that cool background you’ve found go to waste! Wait for someone or something to come past so you can get that perfect shot. This goes for the formation of anything, may it be a group of people or the symmetry in buildings and shadows, you might have to wait for the shot you’re looking for, but it’ll be worth it.

Look for symmetry and patterns

Catching someone directly between two streets or matching up telephone wires with signs can create some aesthetically pleasing symmetry. Unique patterns on buildings, and eye-catching tree formations

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