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Photography Posts
story photos cover image
22 Sep

Telling a Story with Your Photography

Looking to develop your photography more? A great way to do this is to set yourself a photography project based around a story/theme you’re interested…

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Taking photo of cherry cake with phone
19 Sep

7 Food Photography Tips For Beginners

There are few things that can turn an average food photo into a great one. Have you ever had a beautiful piece of food in front of you but just couldn…

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08 Aug

5 Things You Should Know Before Photographing Your Pet


With it being international cat day we thought we’d provide you with the 5 essential tips to capturing the best of your pets.


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photographer with lens
10 Jul

Looking Through the Lens For Inspiration

It can be hard to be creative 24/7; writers get writer’s block, photographers we get photographer’s block. Everyone gets stumped with their work at ti…

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wedding photos 6
11 May

Wedding Photography 12 Top Tips

Whether you’re a budding wedding photographer, a seasoned pro looking to brush up their tips or a friend of the bride who’s been roped into DIYing…

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18 Jan

Futuregraph - The Future of Photography

With the rapid growth of the visual world, we thought it was time to take a look at what the industry thinks is to come in the future of photography. …

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lighting featured
31 Oct

Photo Blogging and Photography for Blogs

Photos are everywhere nowadays, they don’t only feature as part of adverts on the web, pictures for news articles or photos for family and friends t…

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shutterstock_393281938 (1) feautured images
20 Sep

Capture the 7 Wonders of the World

Life is all about living in the moment and capturing the best experiences. Heading down to a local landmark and taking a photo is great, however, it d…

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14 Jun

Capturing Flowers - Blooming Great Photography

Summer is nearly here! And that means the arrival of some beautiful buds blooming in our gardens and surroundings. With the lighter days and fresh flo…

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New York City. Panorama from Hoboken. Pixels picture
18 May

Mega Pixels - Mega Pickle

Often we look at megapixels as the thing to judge a camera by when we go out to make a purchase, however this isn’t the thing to be judging high qua…

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coastline featured
16 May

Capturing Coast Land- The Best of UK Beaches

As summer approaches, we will all be beginning to approach the coastland. Whether you’re heading to the shores for some summer beach relaxation or jus…

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photography learning
26 Feb

Learning Through Photography Styles- Basics of Photography Series Part 15

Often when we pursue a new hobby we eventually develop our own sort of style or a preference for doing things. Especially with artistic forms which ar…

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capturing christmas thumb
18 Nov

Capturing Christmas

How can we capture Christmas?
We all want the picture perfect family Christmas. The wonderfully cooked turkey, a beautiful tree adorned with …

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vision of a view
19 Oct

The Vision of a View- 12 Places to Photograph in the UK

One of the most ideal types of shoots to undertake throughout your photography journey is capturing landscapes. Whilst the UK may not immediat…

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25 Sep

Moving onto Macro -Basics of Photography Series Part 14

We’ve all seen those beautiful photos which capture every minute detail of a single flower, a pausing bumblebee, beads of dew hanging from the leave…

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musings from masters
03 Sep

Musings from the Masters- Wise Photography Quotes

Even the very best photographers don’t always get it right, and they embrace and grow from it. We’ve scoured the web for some of the wisest words from…

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22 Jul

Guide to Phonetography- Basics of Photography Series Part 13

Looking to capture photos at a moments notice? Looking for flexibility and portability in your photography equipment whilst retaining photo quality? T…

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16 Jul

It's Child's Play: Photography for Children

“Can I try?” – three words that have been known to strike fear into the hearts of parents with expensive cameras. However, giving the kid…

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24 Jun

Guide to Using Light- Basics of Photography Series Part 12

Light is at the core of photography, it’s the most important thing. Without that opening of the shutter to allow in the light the photo would…

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26 May

Film in Photography

We rarely see film based cameras these days unless in the hands of a photographer intrigued with the old ways, hipsters or those who simply hav…

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