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10 Sep
Self Care Through Drawing

Self Care Through Drawing

We all have busy schedules and, in the midst of the mayhem, things can get on top of us. More and more, people are seeking abstract ways to combat stress in their day to day lives. A number of studies have been conducted in recent years which suggest that those who suffer with anxiety and chronic stress may have a lot to gain from drawing. Yes, drawing. Seemingly the act of doodling may have mental benefits for us adults too. So pick up those crayons as In this article we are going to take you through some of the health benefits associated with drawing. 

A Pat On The Back 

You can derive a great sense of accomplishment by completing a drawing or doodle. If you are feeling stressed, your self esteem may not be at an all time high. Drawing and creating can therefore be the pat on the back that you needed to restore some confidence. 


A Great Stress Reliever 

Research in recent years has been carried out linking drawing or painting to a reduction in stress and anxiety. Studies have found that participants that create art for a sustained period of time register lower cortisol levels (the hormone associated with stress). The ability to focus on something external to you and your thoughts may therefore go a long way. Next time you’re feeling overwhelmed, pick up those crayons or watercolours  and give it a go. Drawing could be an inexpensive and efficient solution to overcome it. 


Getting In Touch With Your Softer Side

Drawing and being creatively expressive is a great emotional outlet. Expressing your emotions through your art may encourage people to be more in tune with their emotions, in general, as well as understand them. We are all for the healthy expression of feelings.  


It’s Pretty Cool

Not exactly a health benefit, as such, but we thought it was worth mentioning. Accessing your creative side and making something tangible is just plain cool. Besides the health considerations, undertaking creative endeavours is something we should all look to do more often. 


Improved Memory 

As well as studies suggesting a reduction in stress after drawing, studies have also shown that drawing could improve memory. It appears the parts of the brain you access and use when you draw, the visual and motor components for example, boost your ability to recall information. 



Something To Get You Started 

You may be asking yourself how you go about this exercise to yield the results we have spoken of in the post. Aimless doodling or portraits? Here’s 5 methods you can use to get started:

  • Paint or draw to relaxing music. This can help your creativity flow and, in addition to your drawing, help relieve stress 
  • Draw freely and intuitively. Setting incredibly high standards and trying to create a Da Vinci is not going to be all that relaxing
  • Create your art outside. Being in nature and getting some fresh air can be a great anxiety reliever
  • Similar to the above point, try making a scribble drawing. Think Jackson Pollock. This expressive form of creation may help draw out your emotions 


Thank you for taking the time to read our post outline The Health Benefits associated with drawing. To discover more art topics and tips, plus photography news, keep an eye on our blog!


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