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December 5, 2011

The Ugly Side of Christmas

We are well into the Christmas season now and most people will either have put their decorations up over the weekend or will be doing so during the next. There is a wide degree of how far you can go with Christmas decorations, with some people happy with a simple tree to others that replace everyone photo in their picture frames with Christmas photos, have lights on the outside of the house and multiple cuddly toys of Santa, snowmen and other festive characters all over the house.

Sometimes though people can go a bit too far and it’s these that we will be taking a look at this month. So instead of showing you examples of good Christmas photos we are going to take a look the bad side of Christmas decorations and here is our top five worst offenders. You may notice a similar theme throughout.

Christmas lights on the outside of your house are acceptable if done well with a few carefully positioned lights hanging from the roof or windows. But this example takes things too far with hanging lights, lights in different shapes and light up characters all over the garden. These is a good example of too much going on with no thought to positioning, colours or theme. As with hanging a picture frame, these are all factors that contribute to the overlook that you are trying to achieve.

This example takes the idea of lighting the front of the house and runs away with it. I don’t think there is a single brink on the house or patch on the grass that hasn’t got a light on it!

Whilst this one doesn’t have too many lights, the house has far too much going on for it to look good. The roof has all sorts of characters on top and the entrance to the house has been decorated in white tinsel which doesn’t look very nice. The wooden train or the inflatable Nutcracker might look good on their own but with the multiple snowmen, light decorations and everything else there is far too many items in one place.

This dazzling display must cost a fortune to run and all those giant inflatable characters must take a fair while to blow up. As seems to be the case with bad Christmas decorations, there is too much crowded onto a small house for it to look any good.

All we have to say about this one is…why an elephant?


For more examples of bad Christmas lights and decorations have a look at www.uglychristmaslights.com.

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