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17 Jan
10 Framing Facts

10 Framing Facts

Get to know your stuff; have a read of our top 10 facts about picture frames …

1. There’s no copyright on frames, one frame can look like another which has resulted in many frames looking exactly like earlier frame designs.

2. Frames aren’t just for hanging and complementing your favourite art or photo, they also are key to protecting works with many frames offering not only protection from dirt and dust but glazings offering UV protection from the sun.


Van Gogh Frame


3. Van Gogh once said ‘A picture without a frame is like a soul without a body’.

4. Early artwork of mummies thousands of years old has shown how Egyptians carved frames into the same pieces of wood as the paintings.


Rennaisance framing


5. Renaissance Italy marked the establishment of frames themselves as works of art as they featured elaborately within altars and other icons to house religious figures , commissioned by the Church.

6. As wealthy estates began to commission art works for their homes this brought about the need to create frames as functional portable pieces such as those we see in the modern day, produced by furniture builders rather than artists and architects.


7. The Fine Art Trade Guild was established to promote, develop and inform the picture industry, it now continues to set standards & guidelines for the prints and picture framing industry.

8. The world’s largest ‘photo frame’ has now finished construction in Dubai, at 150 x 93 metres you can look through and see the old/new Dubai.


Custom Frames


9. The largest collection of picture frames is owned by Lara Khoury from the United Arab Emirates, she has collected 2,214 empty frames since 1992.

10. Picture frames can be custom made, coming in a huge range of colours materials and styles nowadays, filling up a whole room as your central focal piece or blending into your decor with loved memories.

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