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21 Jun
Easy Gift Ideas With A Picture Frame

Easy Gift Ideas With A Picture Frame

There is nothing like giving someone a thoughtful gift and picture frames are no exception. It can be hard to know what to buy for someone, especially if they already have everything they want. Picture frames are extremely versatile and can frame more than just photos. Discover all the different gift ideas for picture frames below. 


Your Artwork

Are you a budding artist or have your children painted something special? Make it a feature in your friend’s or family’s home by framing it! Gifting your artwork is a personalised touch and shows thought has gone into a gift. Anyone can buy a present but making it yourself shows consideration and will make a lasting impression. Your recipient will think of you every time they see your artwork in their home. 



What better way to show someone you really know them than with a framed poster of their favourite artist, film or album? Most posters don’t cost too much either so this can work out to be a relatively cheap gift. Simply purchase a poster or print and then place it in a photo frame of your choice. Why not use a coloured picture frame to frame your poster? Take a colour from your posters and carry it through to the picture frame. If you want a frame to fit the poster perfectly, you can use our frame designer and purchase a picture frame to the exact measurements you require.


Printed Photo

Portraits In Frames

Picking a photo and putting it into a picture frame is simple but very effective. You can frame anything from a family photo and holiday snaps, to a selfie of you and the recipient. Use a photo printing site such as Photobox to print your photos ready to be framed in a picture frame of your choice. 

Black picture frames are the perfect companion for your photos. They are extremely versatile and will work well with most interior designs, allowing the gift recipient to place their photo gift anywhere they want. Consider printing a photo in black and white for a timeless look. 



If you know someone who has just received a certificate you can take this and frame it for them. It is a great way to celebrate the achievements of that individual. Certificates can include degree certificates, school achievements and sporting achievements. Most certificates are A4, so a 21 x 30cm picture frame is the perfect fit. 



Picture frames can frame more than just a photo! You can preserve special memories in a picture frame, including flight tickets, concert tickets and wedding flowers. Box picture frames are ideal for framing 3D objects due to the extra depth the frame provides. You can collect all the things your gift recipient likes and place them in a box frame to make a unique and personalised gift. 



Frame With Quote

Framing a quote or poem is an easy gift idea that takes little work but looks very thoughtful. Make the poem or quote meaningful to you or the recipient and your gift will be well thought out and appreciated. Quotes can include inspirational words, song lyrics or even something that reminds you of the recipient. The possibilities are endless. 



Framed memorabilia is a great gift idea! Many people frame items like signed football shirts, limited edition collectable figures, vinyl records and even instruments! Framing your memorabilia not only looks great but also protects the item, preventing it from being damaged. You will be able to purchase some memorabilia already framed, but if not, many good high-quality framing companies will be able to assist you with framing an item to gift (or even keep for yourself!). 


Gift A Frame From Picture Frames Express

Here at Picture Frames Express, we manufacture high-quality picture frames perfect for gifting to your friends and family! Our picture frames come in a variety of colours and styles, including antique, contemporary and modern designs. You can browse our full range of picture frames on our website. 

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