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13 Dec
Frame Your Year

Frame Your Year

With Christmas just around the corner, we thought we’d give you some good gift ideas for friends and family, which they will cherish and love. We’re used to receiving the latest gadget and gizmos at Christmas, but sometimes the most memorable gifts are the thoughtful ones that evoke memories and bring a smile to our faces.

Picture frames are great Christmas presents that are timeless and iconic. Here are 12 moments through-out the year that you could frame and gift to friends and family this year.


January – New Year 

Girls at a party

AL-P15-03-10MM Polished Silver

Bring back those memories of clinking champagne glasses and counting down the clock with friends and family. A great gift for anyone who you shared the celebrations with, give them something to reflect back on for this memorable night, full of fun and lively moments.


February – Valentines Day

Couple in sunset

 R419-32MM Flat Obeche, Pale Ivory Ingres Mount

Show your affection and love to your partner by picking out a snap of a special moment you experienced together. You could even find a cute throw-back photo when you first dated and surprise your partner with this thoughtful gift.


March – Mother’s Day

Daughter kissing older mother

R418-30MM Pale Silver Grain, Slightly Rounded Edge

Need an idea for Mum’s Christmas present this year? Show your mum how much you appreciate her by framing a treasured moment that you shared with each other. Whether it’s a simple peck on the cheek or a photo from a family holiday, this would make a perfect gift for any Mum this Christmas.


April – Easter

Kids Picking daffodil flower

R667-18MM Painted Mint Green, Cream Ingres Double Mount Square

Was Easter a special time for your family? Bring those memories back to life by framing those pics of Easter egg hunts, meals with the family and eating your favourite chocolate.


May – Spring in full swing

Butterfly on purple sweet pea

R583-22MM Flat Metallic Brushed Dark Purple, Bright White Mount

In Spring we see the landscape transform, with beautiful flowers blossoming and colours emerging. Framing Spring snap-shots of flowers and nature would make a perfect Christmas house-warming gift or a surprise gift for your neighbours.


June – Glastonbury

Glastonbury pictures

 R667-18MM Painted Mint Green, Pale Ivory Double Mount Square

Did you go to one of the biggest and most popular music festivals in the UK? A perfect gift for friends who joined you at the festival. Bring those memories of Glastonbury to life by filling one of our multi-frames with some of your favorite and most lively photos to re-live the event.


July – Wimbledon 

Girl playing tennis

 BX41-35MM Painted Grain Light Grey 20mm Pine Box, Single Round Mount

An intense competition that gets everyone on the edge of their seats. Did you go to Wimbledon this year? Well whether it’s Wimbledon, football, rugby, or any other sports match, climatic events like these can be some of the best times of our lives. These framed photos make a fantastic present idea for any avid sports fan.


August – Summer vacations 


Beach sunset

 C59-23MM Smooth Cushioned Black

It may be winter but it doesn’t stop you from reflecting on memories of stunning sunsets from vacation. Holiday snaps make a thoughtful gift for family and friends who went on holiday with you in the summertime.


September – Back to school

3 Kids in school uniform

 A11-20MM Medium Brown, Bright White Single Mount Square

As a parent, it’s a proud moment when you see your children moving into a new school year. However, kids can grow up fast, so it’s important to capture these treasured moments. You can also give your children something they look back on when they’re older.


October – Halloween

Pug next to pumpkin

 R321-85MM Painted Grain Reverse Step Matt White

Did you get everyone involved in Halloween this year? Frame those funny photos of yourself all dressed up and those pumpkin carving masterpieces.


November – Bonfire night 

Fireworks in frame

AL-P15-03-10MM Polished Silver

One of the best parts of November is gathering with friends and family to watch spectacular firework displays. Re-ignite those memories of Bonfire night and frame those atmospheric photos. These make a great gift for friends and family who experienced the show with you.


December – Christmas 

Family christmas photo

D4-32MM Gold Spot Red Vein, Burgundy Single Mount Square

The classic Christmas family photo is perfect gift for the family as a whole. It also makes a great gift for any of your son/s or daughter/s who have moved out of the house, reminding them of those family roots.

The Best Gift

We hope that this has given you some inspiration for your Christmas gift list and you’re well on your way to gifting the most memorable present for your friends and family this year. Get creative and try out our FREE online designer today!

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