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07 Dec
Give the gift of memories

Give the gift of memories

Christmas is fast approaching! Getting ideas for gifts and presents can be hard if you’re on a budget, struggling for ideas or you’re trying to buy for the person who has everything already. We’re not biased at all, but Picture Frames allow you to create a much more personal gift, with thought.

What’s the point in buying a frame?

With everyday life becoming busier and busier, it’s hard to remember fond memories without little reminders around the home. The size of our camera rolls on our phones are ever increasing, none of us has the time to scroll through thousands of photos even if we do remember to take the photo!

Those special memories should be cherished forever and by filling your walls with photo frames and decorations, you’re also adding character to your own home. It’s usually the photos on the wall with stories attached to them that make great conversation starters.

But where in their home would the frame go?

A bedroom shelf or on top of a chest of drawers may be the ideal place.

or, if the gift is for a little one, match the colour of their room!

…if they’ve just moved into a new home, give them a wall filler! They’ll appreciate something to cover up the walls.

But then there might be that space in the kitchen that’s bugging you, get all inspirational.

I’ve got so many memories, I just can’t pick one!

That’s fine, our multi-frame designer ensures you can fit many memories into one frame. An idea could be a timeline of photos! You can even upload your own images to see what they look like! Just remember, you need to print your own images yourselves.

How will I know if it’ll suit their house?

Memories can be framed for all types of occasions, from weddings, newborn babies, kids pictures, pets, family moments, festivals, you name it. Buying frames can become tedious when you look around every store, with only generic framing styles available.

Our range doesn’t stop here, take a look online today and use our free online designer to create your ideal framed gift. Give the gift of memories!

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