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15 Feb

Multiframe Memory Montages


A Multiframe is a great tool for getting ultra creative with your photo displays. The possibilities are endless in regards to photo combinations, meaning that every Multiframe montage is totally unique. A Multiframe can therefore be a fantastic gift to give for special events such as Valentine’s Day, when sharing something special with a loved one is at the top of your agenda.


What do you want to montage?

We think that montages work well when they contain a theme. So what do you want to create? This is the first step to deciding what you want inside your Multiframe. Here are our suggestions for creating a photographic collage of your very own.




Relationship Montage

As Valentine’s Day is fast approaching creating a montage for your loved one might be on your mind. Take a look at our warm memories collage above. We chose the theme and selected photos that fitted in with this in colour and subject. We found it really effective to focus on objects other than people’s faces, as it gave the arrangement greater variation. We chose to depict snugly blankets, jumpers, hot mugs of coffee and a warming fire to reflect the intimacy of the relationship. Try containing places or moments that are particularly special to you as a couple. This makes for a truly personalised gift that your partner is sure to appreciate.


Holiday Montage

A great holiday can make for a great photo montage. Plenty of holiday activities make for bright and interesting photographs which work together excellently when used in a Multiframe. Join your sandy beach shots together with captures of brightly coloured cocktails and deep blue oceans. Slip these in amongst your most flattering holiday portraits and you’ll have a great memory collage.




Colour Theme Montage

If you’ve got a room with a particular colour theme a Multiframe can work really well with this. Select photos which feature different shades of your particular colour. Combined in a frame, the images can make a great addition to you home and compliment your existing furnishings really well. It can be a good idea to consider what mood you want in a particular room for this. Do you want to create a calm atmosphere or a bright and creative one? Our recent blog Feng Shui Interiors for the New Year can help you with using colour and furniture alignment to create the atmosphere that you want in your home.




Family Montage

Family portrait montages are great because they include everyone of all shapes and sizes – leading to a lot of variation and an interesting collage. Try making one featuring a particular family day out; a day at the park, the zoo or a beach for example. Natural shots can make better photographs than posed ones, so make sure everyone is having fun and get snapping. Again, try varying the styles of photographs that you include in your frame. Not every image has to include faces; snapping a pile of your muddy Wellington boots can make for an interesting shot that will adds depth to a montage. These sorts of photographs are interesting because they suggest that fun has been had elsewhere, which the viewer can see in other parts of the frame, which tells a story.


Make your Montage Memorable with Picture Frames Express

We think that a personalised Picture Frames Express Multiframe can make for a brilliant Valentine’s Day gift. They are completely customisable; you can choose from a huge range of frame styles and select up to 64 photo slots. Use our memory montage tips and you’re sure to create a thoughtful gift that is truly unique.


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