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26 Oct
Ornate Picture Frames: Product Spotlight

Ornate Picture Frames: Product Spotlight

Ornate picture frames have been around for centuries and are just as popular today. When used correctly, they can elevate the look of any photo and help your artwork to make that all-important statement. Read our guide to discover how this type of frame could work for you. 


What Is An Ornate Picture Frame?

Ornate picture frames are those created in a traditional style. They are often made from wood and embellished with extra detailing, demonstrating bucketloads of character in their unique design. 

In the past, ornate frames were just as important as the artwork they contained. Their intricate patterns and luxurious finishes conveyed the idea of value while acting as status symbols for those wealthy enough to afford paintings. If you want to see what these looked like, a visit to any museum or art gallery will allow you to see these classic ornate designs in the flesh. 


Types Of Ornate Frames


silver ornate picture frames


These days, ornate picture frames are far less exclusive, and many people have incorporated them into their homes with ease. Let’s explore some contemporary examples below. 


  • Swept frames: Swept frames are made from wood and have a carved plaster finish. Sometimes known as closed corner frames due to their detailed corners, they can add a vintage feel to any modern interior. Like other ornate frames, swept frames are exquisitely crafted and will act as a beautiful centrepiece for your room. 


  • Gold frames: Tremendously popular with the Victorians, golden picture frames can be sleek or extravagant. Although sometimes available in pure gold, most modern golden frames combine a wooden base with a thin layer of gold leaf to provide the perfect setting for any photo or picture. As with swept frames, gold frames can become an integral part of your photo display and are often just as important as the picture itself. 


  • Silver frames: Much like gold frames, silver photo frames were very popular during the 19th century. Still widely used today, their timeless style fits neatly in most home settings and will complement any type of picture. Depending on your budget, you can purchase silver frames in several materials, including wood, aluminium and sterling silver.

Our Ornate Picture Frames

At Picture Frames Express, we offer a wide range of silver and gold picture frames for every type of interior. These are available in various sizes, styles and finishes, so we guarantee you’ll find something for you. 

Try our silver frames for a framing solution with a difference. These come in a variety of elegant shades, such as pewter, mottled silver and graphite grey, to help put your pictures in their very best light. Alternatively, choosing one of our highly patterned frames will add a hint of luxury to any photo or print. 


gold ornate picture frames


More taken with the idea of gold? Our antique-style golden picture frames can provide the finishing touch to all of your most precious photographs. Explore our range to discover decorative, carefully crafted products designed to bring a new level of sophistication to your home. We offer gold frames in many different sizes, and you can even create one with several apertures for an eye-catching multi-picture display. 


Discover More

We hope you enjoyed learning more about ornate picture frames. If you’re still undecided about which of these is most suitable for you, please contact a member of our team for more information. 

When you receive your finished product, don’t forget to share it with us on Instagram by tagging @pictureframesexpress. 



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