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27 Oct

Picture Perfect Poster Frames


Whether it’s a replica of the Friends ‘Jouets’ poster, a capture of the scene from your favourite film, a band tour or an inspirational quote that you need in your day to day life, a picture frame can make a huge difference to displaying the posters you want to take the spotlight on your walls.

Posters may not cost the earth but they can mean the world to a person, it’s all personal preference. Some people hang them for their love of art and for a more contemporary feel in their rooms, and some display them simply because they love the picture and want it to take pride of place on their walls. But what’s the best way to display the special poster in your life?

As a general rule people normally go straight to blue/white tacking posters to their walls. However, this is not only often damaging to the poster but also to the wall they hang on, as adhesive can pull away paint & wallpaper and even cause stains on your walls. Here at Frames Express we have many a film buff in our midst who love the look and flexibility a picture frame can offer them for hanging their posters.

Lavish Looking

We’re all about the value that a picture frame can bring to any display, and a poster is not an exception. Adding a frame can take an average poster and turn it into a gallery-worthy work of art on your wall. We’re not talking a standard poster frame but an actual picture frame.


Flexible Favourites

You’ve all seen them, the dog eared posters, crumbling/folding around the edges, quickly changing a poster from a piece of decor to a mess. Even using one of the snap close picture frames specially made for posters can cause irreversible damage to your piece. That’s why we love a picture frame, it not only protects your poster from external damage but also doesn’t damage it whilst it’s inside. You also get the flexibility of easily changing the poster you want to feature in the frame, and cause a lot less damage to walls which you are hanging them on.


Finding your Frame

The amount of colours and styles of picture frames you can find means there is one to suit every poster and every perception you want it to give off. Team a poster with an antique frame for a classic aged look; this can even work well with a contemporary picture for a clash of the ages. Alternatively pick a bold coloured block frame for a modern sleek edge to your poster that grabs attention or a thin frame for a more subtle edging.


Getting your frame sizes worked out is relatively easy, we have a handy guide to measuring anything you want framing here.

Common Poster Sizes in the UK

Here at Frames Express we have standard frame sizes up to 36” x 48” & A0,or we offer a custom framing service where we can tailor make our frames to suit your bespoke size.


Posters are a great way to display your personality & style in your room; make the most of them and showcase them in a picture frame. Visit our shop to see all the frame styles we have available and the sizes we can provide.


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