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09 Sep
Wooden Photo Frames For Every Occasion

Wooden Photo Frames For Every Occasion

In addition to size and shape, the biggest thing to consider when choosing a picture frame is the material it’s made from. Many people make their choices based on cost, personal preference and existing décor – but what if you still can’t decide? Our short guide to wooden photo frames may be just what you need to make the final call. 


Wooden Photo Frames: An Introduction 

Wood is one of the most commonly used materials in picture frames. This is because of its strength, warm feel and classic appearance. Historians have traced natural wooden frames all the way back to Ancient Egypt, and they are still popular choices for displaying your favourite photos today. 

The types of natural wood used in photo frames include oak, ash, beech, walnut and more. Both hardwood and softwood designs are widely available, so you’ll definitely find something for you. 


Picking A Wooden Photo Frame



Wooden picture frames, perhaps more than any other type of frame, can completely transform your space. They are at home on any surface and can bring a touch of class to wherever they are displayed, be it a wall, sideboard or mantelpiece. 

Because there are so many different varieties of wood frame, they can each bring something new to a photo or piece of art. If you’re displaying a picture with warm colours, for example, you’ll find your perfect match with darker wood finishes such as teak or walnut. By contrast, lighter tones will work best alongside more subtle wood frame designs, like those made from ash or oak. 

Regardless of what you pick, the thing to remember about wood photo frames is that they are strong and durable. Wood can also be shaped into a range of profiles and has the capacity to withstand the application of various surface treatments and finishes. 

Frames with wood veneers, which may outlast those made purely from solid wood, are a further option for those looking for longevity. 


How Do I Choose The Right Wooden Picture Frame? 

Choosing the most appropriate wooden frame for your photo can be a delicate task. You’ll need to consider how a frame’s colours complement and contrast your picture, as well as what it will look like in its chosen area of display. Personal preference plays a part too, so don’t be afraid to pick something based solely on its appearance. We won’t judge you, honest. 



If you feel you’d benefit from some extra help, the best advice is to talk to a picture framing specialist. At Picture Frames Express, our experts have an intimate knowledge of time-honoured framing techniques and can use their experience to guide you in the right direction. Get in touch with your questions and they’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 


Wooden Photo Frames At Picture Frames Express 

Browse our selection of natural wood frames today to find a style to suit you. We have a range of beautiful designs, plus a variety of multiple aperture options to choose from. You can even strengthen your display with the addition of one of our high-quality frame mounts. Simply call us on 02476 225504 or email and we’ll do our best to answer all of your questions. 


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