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12 Mar
2024 Framing Trends: Framing Your Vision of Interior Design

2024 Framing Trends: Framing Your Vision of Interior Design

Discover the hottest colours and trends for interior design in 2024 as we look into the future of the industry. “Design trends come and go, but style is eternal,” as renowned UK interior designer Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen once said. This blog will discuss traditional aesthetics and modern styles that can transform your interior aesthetic. Explore the newest trends in framing, including our most popular frame designs, materials, and colour palettes.


Envisioning 2024’s Interior Design Trends Through Framing 

The interior design industry is set to experience a major shift in 2024, with an emphasis on personal expression and luxury. This year, the narrative showcases a spectrum of trends, from the timeless charm of flat profile frames to the rich history evoked by metallic and antique finishes.

  • The Timeless Elegance of Flat Profile Frames

For those who appreciate the beauty in simplicity, flat profile frames stand out as a timeless choice. Their modern and beautifully neat design aligns perfectly with minimalist aesthetics, offering a clean and understated look that complements any interior space. This trend caters to individuals who seek elegance, providing a stylish yet faint framework for their artistic expressions.

  • High Quality Material 

Framing materials are changing to reflect more long-term sustainable interior styling. Look out for frames crafted from high-quality, durable materials like natural wood, showcasing intricate carvings and details.  Wooden frames offer longevity in addition to a timeless luxurious look.

  • A Blend of Warm & Bold Neutrals 

Moving away from the stark minimalism of past years, 2024 welcomes bold and neutral tones. Rich jewel tones frames such as terracotta, indigo, teal, burgundy, purple, and emerald green make a significant return, infusing spaces with grandeur, personality, and a touch of playfulness. These vibrant tones transform frames into compelling focal points, allowing for a personalised and expressive interior design narrative.

  • Embracing Traditions with Antique Finishes 

For those who look for traditional aesthetics, the trend towards aluminium & antique frames offers a warm embrace of historic themes. These frames which have warm tones, add a layer of sophistication and charm to any space. Perfect for highlighting historical themes or serving as a contrasting frame to modern prints, these designs cater to individuals who appreciate the beauty of the past or wish to blend traditional and contemporary elements in their decor.

  • Framing Art & Photography For Longevity

Modern interior design revolves around art and photography, and frames play a major role in this trend. The focus is on unique types of frames supported by quality picture mounts that enhance and safeguard the artwork or the picture they hold. The frame mounting options are just as significant as the artwork itself, whether it’s a specially crafted frame and mount that complements the topic of the picture or a frame that provides depth and contrast.


Customising Your Frame for That Personal Touch 

In 2024, interior design will be more than simply aesthetics; it will be a platform for individuality, and artistic expression. You can combine style, material, and colour choices in your living spaces by implementing the newest frame trends. Choosing frames that reflect your personal tastes and principles can help you preserve the classic appeal of your living area as you take this design trip into the future. 

Your house could be telling a captivating story when modern aesthetics and responsible framing techniques are combined. Every frame turns into an own work of art, reflecting both your artwork and your dedication to a more expressive, bolder future. Therefore, keep in mind that your frames serve as more than just accent pieces when you redesign your living areas in 2024. They also serve as a platform for your artistic expression, a personal statement, and a link to the ever changing field of design.

Looking for the  perfect blend of colour and style for your frame, contact us today. 

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