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09 Jan

Box Frames: Have You Tried One Yet?

If you have something out of the ordinary to frame, you should try one of our customised box frames. They can be used to frame anything from football shirts, to rosettes, to baby’s first shoes, with a depth of up to 60mm available.

What is a Box Frame?


A box frame is like any other picture frame, except there is a larger gap between the backing and the glass, meaning you can frame 3D objects.

Our box frames come in a selection of depths and styles. You can select your own measurements for width and height, and select your own mount size, shape and colour as with any of our other custom-made picture frames.

Amazing Ideas for your Box Frame

You can frame all sorts of things in these frames – let your imagination run wild! You are only really limited by the depth of 60mm which is the deepest frame we offer.


Framing things you find in nature is a great way to bring the outdoors into your home and create something eye-catching. Shells, pine cones, dried flowers, insects such as butterflies, starfish and shells from the beach and fossils can all be box framed.

If you want to preserve some memorabilia, like a signed football shirt, or your favourite band’s drumsticks, then box frames are ideal.

Other things you might like to box frame include: rosettes or awards; sentimental objects such as castings of your children’s hands or feet; 3D art; coins; rosettes for achievements and anything and everything that you like that will fit into a 60mm deep box.


Box Frames: Choosing Depth


Our Box Frames page features all of our box frames, with a description next to each one.

The depth of each frame is in the description. The depth is fixed for each individual frame. For example:


Picture Frame – Box


Bx1 – 33mm Painted black grain 30mm Deep Box

This frame has a depth of 30mm.


Picture Frame – Box


Bx2 – 33mm Painted black grain 9mm Deep Box

This frame is the same material and finish as the one above, except it has a depth of 9mm.


Once you’ve found a frame you like, with the depth you require, simply click the ‘Custom Size’ button to begin adding your measurements, just like you would with any other made-to-measure frame.

You can create your very own unique piece of artwork today. Simply browse our box frames here and make your selection. Don’t forget to measure your item before selecting your frame! All of our frames are made in the UK and can be manufactured within 24 hours.

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