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20 Jan
Six ways to display family photographs

Six ways to display family photographs

For most of us, displaying family photographs in the home adds the perfect sentimental finish to your interiors. Here we outline a number of display techniques and trends to showcase your most cherished memories. In this post, we’ve scouted the internet high and low for the latest trends bringing you the hottest ways to display your favourite family pictures as well some of our favourite customer examples, so you don’t have to move an inch.

1. Mismatched look

For those who like a unique look and feel to their home why not try mismatching your frames, for a contemporary and kitsch feel to your interiors. This can look especially effective as a feature wall with varying coloured frames and photos of all shapes and sizes for example. There’s no need to overthink it either, this really is one of the easiest looks to emulate in your home using an array of pictures and frames.


2. Matching frames

If organisation and order are your thing you may like to display your most cherished moments in the same colour and size frame with the same sized photograph in each one. We love this categorised look, in particular, by using white or cream frames for a modern and minimalistic finish. Although it can be more time consuming ensuring each family photo is the same size, the end look is stylish, adding a structured and impressive finish to any wall.

3. Freestanding on a shelf

Trending this year, is freestanding framed pictures on a shelf. This tends to work best when displayed over a focal point in the property such as over coat hooks in your hallway or a sofa in your living area. Simply place your shelving in the desired area, adding freestanding framed photos to the unit for a modern twist on displaying memories.

4. Mounting

Mounting family photographs can add a professional edge however you choose to display them. Here at Picture Frames Express we offer an array of mounts to meet your requirement so you can DIY your own memories whilst looking like you’ve had them professionally made up by a studio. We think this works particularly well with matching frames and photo sizes for a polished look on a budget.

5. Multiple photos in one frame

Another way to display your favourite family moment would be to purchase a larger frame and backing card and then simply attach your photos to the card using double sided sticky tape. We recommend choosing photographs from a specific time or location such as a holiday to give a coordinated feel however the look can be just as effective with mismatched pictures too of course such as a simple way of showcasing your family tree.

6. Add a personal touch

Once you’ve gathered your frames and pictures, we personally love the sentimental finishing touches you can add. Express your indiviuality by picking your favourite quote and add it to your framed display. This tends to work great with the mismatched framing look. If quotes aren’t your thing you can also add a location and date to a frame to showcase your favourite snapshot in time or holiday spot.

Hopefully this post gave you some inspiration for your family photo displays. Which one will you be using?

We’d love to see your family photo displays! If you have any using our frames, don’t forget to post it, using the hashtag #framesexpress for a chance to be featured!

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