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12 Jan
Cool Things You Can Do With Your Camera- Basics of Photography Series Part 7

Cool Things You Can Do With Your Camera- Basics of Photography Series Part 7



With the Instagram and editing fashion well underway it can be hard to make your photography look just as interesting as the captures people are getting on their phones and editing through apps.

There are however a few tricks/ tips you can do to get some great effects from your standard camera; from glow effects to colour filtering below we have gone over a few ways you can create effects whilst taking your shots which any instagramer would be jealous of.

Prism Photography

A simple way to capture photos in a creative way is to use a prism.

Prisms are great as they allow you to distort your photos before they’re even captured simply by twisting the prism in front of the lens.

It takes a bit of practice but using a prism allows light to be manipulated to create natural and unique looks for your photo.





Freelensing is the process of removing your lens from your camera in order to allow light to leak onto your cameras sensor causing light leaking & flaring.

To do freelensing simply remove the lens and hold in front of your camera, using your hand to bridge the gap whilst also allowing light to filter through fingers. Have a play around by moving your hand to see how much light leaks in at different points until you find your desired shot.



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Glow Effect (Overexposed)

Get the glow effect on your pictures by overexposing your images. A good way to achieve overexposure is to point your camera at an object in darkness in order to lower the shutter speed (you can then lock the exposure in settings). This will set your camera to overexpose the actual shot.





Bokeh Effects

Bokeh is one of the most popular camera effects and involves creating an out of focus background. The background is achieved by widening the aperture of your lens (the shape of the aperture will determine the shape of  highlights in the image) , and ensuring you use a camera with a fast shutter speed. You then get as close as you can to the subject in order to widen the distance between it and the background creating a distinct blurring.





Lens Filters: Vintage Shot plastic bag trick ( vintage light leaking)

It may sound strange but using a plastic bag can help you bring a vintage, light leaking effect to your photos while retaining the captures overall quality.

To achieve these types of shots all you will need are 1 plastic sandwich bag and (if you want a colour base finish) coloured marker pen. Next all you need to do is cut the opposite end to the opening of the bag open and then wrap it around the camera lens with the ripped end flapping around the lens. If you want a slight coloured tint simply colour in the bag using a marker before putting it around the lens.





Flash Filters

Use flash filters to add some extra colour to you pictures. Rather than purchase your own simply use coloured in sticky tape, cellophane or wrappers and place infront of your flash and give it a test.





Zoom Blur Effects

Zoom Blur effects are easy to create. To achieve the look all you need to do is zoom in on your subject whilst your camera shutter is open. To get the most out of this effect you should ensure the camera is stable e.g. on a tripod as extra moment will distort the image with the combined zooming.





Use old lens for more vintage/unique captures

Before giving up on an old camera lens consider using them with you current cameras. Old lenses tend to have imperfections such as flare, vignetting and spiralling which can bring a whole new dimension to your photography.

Managed to try out some of these effects? Let us know in the comments below your tops tricks/ tips to making your photography unique.



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