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30 Sep
Our Top 5 Picks For Budget Film Cameras

Our Top 5 Picks For Budget Film Cameras

It seems now, more than ever, film cameras are being used to capture sentimental moments. Here at Picture Frames Express, we are all for it. There is something special about the texture and warmth you receive from film photos that is hard to replicate digitally. In the following article we have put together a list of film cameras you can acquire on a moderate budget.


Point and Shoots

Point and shoot cameras exist at the entry level of the film photography world. Although perfect for novices, photographers with more experience can still capture fantastic results with these budget friendly cameras. If you are on the move and need to adopt a no nonsense approach point and shoots are where it’s at.

Olympus Mju II

First on the list of our point and shoot picks is the classic Olympus Mju II. Like any second hand camera, the price to acquire one of these varies. They appear to sell in the region of £120-£200. Although arguably overpriced, these are now widely popular cameras and, to be fair, do produce some fantastic results. They are pocketable and completely automatic; featuring an autofocus and flash system. We love that the Olympus Mju II dissolves the need to spend precious time focusing your shot and messing with your exposure settings. Just pick it up and fire away.

Canon AF35M

Next up is the Canon AF35M. These run for slightly cheaper than the Olympus discussed above. If you are lucky, you should be able to pick one up on Ebay for under £100. In purchasing one of these you can own a part of history. These cameras are widely considered to be the world’s first fully automatic compact camera. Featuring a 38mm f2.8 lens and an automatic film advance and rewind system, these sturdy workhorses are still a great option for capturing moments on the go. They are quite loud however. If you are looking to shoot discreetly you may want to consider other options.

Single Use Cameras

The hobbyists amongst us may be shaking their heads at this point. Do bare with us. If you are ever looking to shoot on a budget your standard disposable camera is about as budget as it gets. You can pick these up from most places, they are easily developed on the highstreet and require no experience or camera knowledge. You can pick one up, depress the shutter and away you go. Although they may seem elementary to enthusiasts, they are undoubtedly fun to use and can help you achieve some fantastic results. A simple online search will reveal that, with the right subject and lighting, these cameras are able to produce photos full of character.



The step up from point and shoot cameras, so to speak, is the SLR. These cameras are not as quick and convenient as point and shoots and will require an understanding of aperture, exposure and shutter speed in order to capture the best results. Some models have automatic modes, some do not.

With an SLR you will have more freedom and be able to capture sharper photos that carry greater detail. Continue below to view our top SLR picks.

Canon AE-1

Kicking off our list of SLR picks is the Canon AE-1. This is the go to camera for any entry level photography enthusiast looking to produce quality photos. The AE-1 is adaptable though and will perfectly suit those with more experience; allowing them to capture timeless results. With any luck, you should be able to pick one up for between £140-200 including a lens.

The added bonus with an SLR is the interchangeable lens mount. The AE-1 is no exception boasting Canon’s FD Mount. On sites like Ebay you will find a large selection of lenses still available that comply with the AE-1 ‘s mount. With a shutter priority, electronically controlled AE metering system the AE-1 is versatile and capable of capturing great results.

Nikon FM

Next on our list is the Nikon FM. The FM is a mechanical manual camera with a built in three LED + 0 – meter. Online, you should be able to pick one of these up for around £100-£150. Unlike other examples on the last the FM is fully manual; requiring the user to adjust things like exposure. This makes a model like the FM not all that forgiving. If you are serious about photography, however, and are willing to learn the basics about film SLR functionality then this is a great choice. You will be able to capture some beautiful and crisp images using this camera.

We hope you enjoyed our Top 5 Picks For Budget Film Cameras. For more photography tips, and general posts, you can visit our Photography Posts page by clicking here!

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