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24 May
Urban Photography Ideas & Inspiration

Urban Photography Ideas & Inspiration

Urban photography is a genre of photography concerned with capturing scenes from urban spaces, such as towns and other ecological spaces. It has become more popular over the years as the world has become more urbanized. It is an interdisciplinary study which links to landscape and street photography.

7 Urban Photography Ideas

  1. Architecture

    Can you think of any man-made structures in your local area that have something unique about them? One tip is to look out for buildings with reflective surfaces and sharp angles, as they can create stunning shadow effects and make great photos.

  2. well
    Telmo32 – Well

  3. Shape, patterns and colours repeating

    An urban photoshoot idea that often gets overlooked is recurring themes, these could be colour or architectural patterns. Take more time looking at urban landscapes and searching for those hidden details, they’ll reveal themselves sooner or later.

  4. Urban Lomo
    Gianni Dominici – Urabn Lomo

  5. Low angles

    You can get quite creative with this type of urban photography idea. Are you willing to feel a bit embarrassed, lying down on a floor to get that shot that no one else is getting?

  6. Seoul Skyscrapers
    Reto Fetz – Seoul Skyscrapers

  7. Take to the clouds

    The urban landscape transforms when you take to high-rises and tall buildings. Or if you want a photo that’s going to blow-up on instagram then think of using a drone to capture the scenes of your city from above.

  8. urban raptor
    Jes – Urban raptor

  9. Introduce movement

    Don’t you find it annoying when people and cars get in the way of photography? Use this to your advantage! Capture the atmosphere of an urban landscape by shooting at peak times. Use a slower shutter speed to snap moving things like cars, busy commuters and city fountains.

  10. leeds at night
    Rick Harrison – Leeds at night

  11. Black & White

    Adding black and white filters work well for street photography and cityscapes. It also enables viewers to focus more on the subject and the meaning behind the photo.

  12. Sous le ciel ...
    David Pons – Sous le ciel

  13. Night-time

    Locations take on a different character at night. Places that you thought looked boring in the day, can quickly turn into a great urban photography opportunity.

  14. Day One Hundred Fifty Two
    Dustin Diaz – Day One Hundred Fifty Two

Urban Photography Artists

Check out some of the most popular urban photography artists in this space. You’ll be full of urban photography ideas after scrolling through these feeds.


  1. Sam Horine – New York City
  2. Sam, an NYC photographer gives you a taste of many different US cities, showing you their grand structures and impressive infrastructure


    ??? stoked to be headed back to California tomorrow

    A post shared by S A M H O R I N E (@samhorine) on

  3. Nicanor Garcia – Barcelona
  4. Nicanor has everyone’s eyes on his feed, with his hair-raising stories & feed. Displaying exquisite city architecture and scenery from all over the world.


  5. Anita Tejlgaard – Copenhagen
  6. Anita is an urban storyteller who crafts her stories by contrasting humans against city structures, to create surreal cityscape pictures.


  7. Hiroaki Fukuda – Tokyo
  8. Hiroaki an urban photographer based in Tokyo, leaves you wanting more and more. With his photos of hidden city gems and use of light in his astonishing shots.


    Can’t get enough of this Moroccan life ??

    A post shared by Hiroaki Fukuda (@hirozzzz) on

  9. Chris Connolly – New York City
  10. Chris a travel and urban photography enthusiast allows his creativity to flow seamlessly through his feed. With magnificent landscape views to photos with deeper meanings.


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