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23 Sep
Why Photography is Important 

Why Photography is Important 

“A picture is worth a thousand words” really springs to mind when we think about how important photography is. It’s no secret that photography plays a big part in everyone’s live, so much so that you may not even notice just how much it impacts you and your life.


Photography is an expression  

In today’s society, there are many forms of self-expression; you can dance, sing, talk, draw, paint and photography is no exception. From the angle to the colour, crops and composition, you can snap images of your subjects and let your audience see them how you see them. 


Learn history through images 

Photos don’t just show, they teach. Photos taken from the first and second world war give you an insight into life during that time, the struggles they endured. In 1969, the first man visited the moon and the image taken showed what life looked like on a whole other planet.


Photographs are part of your legacy 

One photograph can remind you of that special event or day, or revive a memory you forgot you even had. They capture memories that you may never be able to get back, such as a loved one who isn’t around anymore or a place that isn’t there anymore. If you look at sentimental items people usually keep, photo albums will most likely be in there and that’s what those closest to you will hold on to when anything happens, making them part of your ever important legacy.


Influence others and make an impact 

Think of the most famous photograph you know and then imagine the world today without it. Images portraying famine, war, happiness, famous figures have all changed the world, from bringing awareness to situations going on in rural parts of the world to things happening on your doorstep. Without photography, we wouldn’t have known what Abraham Lincoln looked like (a photo taken in 1860) or had the iconic Marilyn Monroe on the subway grate image.

It doesn’t even have to be an old image from the early 20th century! Even the 2014 Oscars’ Selfie featuring Brad Pitt and Meryl Streep is considered an influential image.


Appreciate the little things 

When you start looking for photography subjects, you’ll start to appreciate things you may never thought of before. The way the sun rays come through the clouds, the way the perfectly parallel street looks in the rain, the way the cosy café looks in the beaming sun. There are many things that you’ll notice and gain a new perspective and appreciation for them. 


Tell people your story 

One single image holds an immense power. Imagine being able to capture a moment and tell a story through it without saying a single word… that’s exactly what photographs do. You can update others on your life through your social media with images, whether it’s your wedding, a birth, a party or a graduation – you’re telling your story through photography! 


Motivates you to explore  

Heading out to explore new places is exciting, especially when you want to build your portfolio to find that perfect shot. The hunt for your perfect subject never ends and can be found anywhere! 


Gives you a healthy hobby 

Photography is one art form that doesn’t require a lot of practice to know your way around a camera. Of course, the more photos you take and the more practice you do, the better you will become. You’ll learn to get your own style of photograph and when you edit, you’ll find which colours and crops you like best then slowly but surely you’ll have your own style of photography. 

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