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17 Jun

Be Shabby-chic, Rustic, Modern and Classic with Antique-look Picture Frames


Here at Picture Frames Express we have available a wide range of antique gold and rustic silver picture frames.

Often people love these types of frames but don’t know how to make an antique picture frame work in their home or pick the right style for their pictures

Below we have gone over some great ways to use an antique looking picture frame in your home- and make it work!


Framing Photos

Antique looking frames in general tend not to work with photos due to the obvious clash in time appearance,however team them up with a lovely wedding photo and they may just work! The more ornate and elaborate the gold and silver frames the more they tend to work better with prints and paintings.

One trick if you really want to frame a photo from today is to change the image to black and white. This works great to make the clash in style less intense, allowing both the photo and the frame to retain their character. This style in particular works well with silver picture frames.





Framing Art

If you are looking to tailor picture purchases to your frames, sceneries/landscapes tend to complement more elaborate frames, particularly if you are happy for the frame to be the centre of attention. For sceneries we would definitely go for gold/bronze look frames which appear better with natural hues.

Not all art is sceneries and portraits. If you are looking to make more of a statement, why not try a piece of more modern pop art or an abstract piece in your silver picture frame for a great eclectic look.

Other Things to Frame:

After a more modern approach for antique frames? Team an ornate frame with your favourite quote for a great shabby chic look, perfect for any room.

Making more traditional looking frames work in your home really isn’t hard, if you don’t have any pictures or photos you want to frame, why not try one of these:

  • Pressed Flowers

  • Keepsakes

  • Certificates

  • Mirror

  • Pin cushion

  • Pin Board (notice board)

Where to Hang an Antique Picture Frame

As these frames are a statement in themselves, we recommend hanging them in areas of the room which are relatively plain, whether that be a single based colour or a wall with light patterning and little clutter.

Struggling to find something to put in your new antique frames?

We recommend hitting the car boots! It’s amazing some of the paintings and prints you can find there, and even if they appear old and dog-eared, pop them in a frame for a ‘classically old’ look.


Ready to take a step into elaborate, antique-look picture framing? Why not take a look at the range of Silver and Gold frames we currently have available in our store


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