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05 Mar

Be Decorative and Protective with Picture Frame Mounts

Last month we told you about how to choose bright and bold coloured picture frames for your rooms. If however frames aren’t the way you want to go you could always consider a coloured picture mount.

What is a Picture Mount

Picture mounts are both decorative and protective. Made from paper based materials, they are placed between the photo or picture and the frame to provide an extra barrier of protection. Ultimately picture mounts are used to produce a gap between the picture or print and the glass so that they do not stick to one another and to prevent any dust or condensation reaching the art within. Following the Second World War the framing industry went in search of a lower costing alternatives to the wood board they were previously using for mounts. Moving on to thinner signboard it was found that the material both degraded in itself, but also the acid produced by the lignin seeped into the enclosed artwork and damaged it.



Fine Art Guild Gradings

Today the Fine Art Guild provides a scale for the quality of mounts available, from Budget to Museum level and Conservation and Commended levels in between. Museum mount boards offer the highest amount of protection for artwork as they are non acidic and made from lignin free cotton fibre. Conservation is the second highest protection level, this level is ideal for collectible pieces which you wish to protect for future generations. Commended level of mount boards offer an amount protection for pieces however presentation and design also play a part in their design. Minimum and Budget level mounts are simply for presentation and offer no long term protection to pictures.

Be Decorative with Picture Mounts

As well as offering protection to your picture or photo, picture mounts also offer depth to an image, and can be worked to both complement and contrast with the frame. We have picked out some of the ways different coloured picture mounts can be used in your home.


White mounts work well to open up an image, making it appear bigger. This is especially useful for small pictures which you want to draw big attention to. Put together a thick white mount and thinner black, coloured or wooden frame for a more contemporary look.







It might seem strange but black picture mounts look great with black picture frames. As frames are general shiney or textured there is still definition between the mount board and frame. Combined they create a defined bold piece, particularly when featuring bright images. If you want a bit of a break in the colour, why not try a white core black picture mount.

Coloured Mounts

Coloured picture mounts look great with white, black and similar coloured frames. Put a thick white frame with a thin coloured mount for a great depth effect. Thin black frames look great with thick coloured mounts to open up the picture and giving it a defined edge whilst not competing with the colour and image for attention. To create a great stand out feature for any room hang multiple pictures together with different coloured mounts on each but make sure they are in the same frames (and same size). The different colours will each call for the viewers eyes meaning they all get seen. Check out how they have been used in this virtually monochrome room with corresponding bright pillows. The bright coloured thick mounts do not detract from the prints within but rather accentuate them with a pop of colour.



Source: homedesign.marthastewart

Picture mounts are a great way to both protect and decorate your pictures and prints. With a large selection of picture mounts at different conservation levels, visit our mount designer to try out your images in a selection of our picture mounts.

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