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29 Jan

Coloured Picture Frames: Bring Colour to Your Room


If you have a picture that does not draw the eye like you want it to, or you want to add a splash of colour to your room; coloured picture frames are a great way to create a bright and bold feature in any room as well as highlight your favourite pictures.

Choosing your Coloured Picture Frame

Black and white is not always right! Everyone needs a bit of colour in their life; however it can often be hard to know what colour to pick for a picture frame.

With framing colours there’s no set right or wrong; often all it comes down to is the style of the picture, the style of the room and simply personal preference. We have selected a few basics to help you pick your perfect coloured frame.





Consider the Style of Your Room:

  • Modern clean cut rooms look particularly great with coloured picture frames, especially when walls are one block colour with no pattern. A white wall can work with any coloured frame. If however you have a coloured wall and you want to have a coloured picture frame, first think about whether you want to match or clash your colour scheme.
  • Colour wheels are a great way to help you pick a colour for your frame, to match your frame to your wall colour simply take a look at the colours that are one or two places next to you wall colour, these colours will work best for a ‘pulled together’ finished look. In general pick lighter shades for darker walls and vice versa.
  • To create a great clashing colour scheme and a more dramatic finish, pick a colour which is opposite to your wall colour on the colour wheel as these will stand out the most against the backdrop.
  • If you have a patterned wall, why not pick a colour from within the pattern and match the frame to this? Alternatively if you have furniture in your room primarily of one colour why not take a similar shade in your picture frames?




Choosing the Frame

Choosing a Frame Width

  • When choosing a width for your coloured frame, you should always consider the image, if it is a large colourful picture; they tend to look best with thin coloured frames. (Just match the frame colour to one in the picture).
  • Alternatively if the piece you want to frame is smaller and more contemporary why not partner it with a thick bold frame?

Choosing a Mount

  • Thick white mounts look great with modern/ minimalistic pictures and photos as they help to add dimension whilst not detracting attention from the picture. Teamed up with a coloured frame a mount can change the whole dynamics of the image to make it more contemporary.
  • Using a thick white mount and coloured frame is perfect for those small images which you don’t want to become swamped by a frame as it helps to open up the image.


Coloured picture frames are bright statement pieces and work differently with different rooms and pictures, think about what kind of statement or style you are looking to reflect.

For a large variety of coloured frames, why not take a look at the Picture Frame Express range here. And if you’re still not sure which frame would suit your picture, you can upload your picture to our Frame Designer to test them with all our coloured frames before picking the perfect one for you.



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