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27 Oct

Go Sophisticated or Go Edgy with Swept Picture Frames

Are you looking for a more traditional frame for a piece of art? A swept picture frame could be for you!

Generally used within art galleries and museums; swept picture frames offer a more elaborate and traditional approach to framing.

Ivories and White swept frames:

Ivory and white picture frames are perfect for opening up a picture and giving a clear crisp edge. They tend to work best in rooms with a lighter colour scheme to complement and are great for achieving a shabby chic look in your room.

When choosing between ivory and white picture frames, consider the surrounding colours in your room. Ivory picture frames don’t work well on white walls as they appear off-colour, whereas crisp white frames would be perfect. Ivories will work better with brighter colour schemes such as red or blue where you don’t want the frame to stand out too much, but rather appear as though it was meant to be there.

Black swept picture frames:

An elaborate design and a stand out colour, black swept picture frames are a statement in themselves. Because of this, look to putting more simple pictures, photos or art inside. In particular black and white pictures, greyscales and more contemporary pieces.

Metallic Swept Picture Frames:

Metallic based swept frames of course bring a more realistic colour to the traditional picture frames and are the choice for many antique and older pieces of art, however they can also achieve a more stand-out look. Pair a metallic based picture frame with a black and white image to bring a distinctive look to your room.

Go Thick or Go Thin?

When choosing between a thick or thin frame, go for the frame which complements rather than detracts or outweighs the art you are looking to frame. The smaller the piece when framing the thinner the frame you should be looking for; particularly with swept frames having a more elaborate design. You want to use a frame which doesn’t detract from the appearance of the art.

Go edgy with a swept picture frame:

Looking for something a bit different for your home? Try teaming up a more traditional swept frame with modern photographs. This creates a great contemporary shabby chic look.

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