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15 Jun

How to Choose a Mount Colour for Your Photo or Picture

Picture mounts are beneficial for a variety of reasons. They provide protection and support, as well as improving the visual appeal of pictures and photographs. Choosing the right colour for your picture mount can highlight and enhance key elements as well as making the image look bigger.
When deciding on the colour of your picture mount, there are a number of elements to consider.

Is the Picture in Colour or Black and White?

If a photo is in black and white traditionally black, grey, cream or white mounts are used. This ensures continuity and complements the colour scheme of the photo. However for a modern twist, darker shades of colours such as green or blue could be used.

For colour photographs the decision is even more vital. There are two main options. The first option is to consider the main colours in the picture and use those as the basis for your decision. Otherwise consider the elements of the picture you want to enhance and choose a similar or complementary colour for the mount.

Is the Picture Traditional or Modern?

It is important to consider the type of picture and how it should be presented. Traditional pictures will likely require softer colour tones. For modern pictures, brighter and more daring colour mounts can be used.

Is it Personal or Will it be Shown in a Public Place?

If the picture is for personal use there will likely be no restrictions and it is up to you what colour mount is used. However if the picture is to be placed in a public place, or sold, then it is important to ensure the mount is suitable and will appeal to a mass audience. In this case traditional blacks and whites can be used, only employing other colours if you are sure it adds to the visual appeal of the picture.

In What Environment Will the Picture be Shown?

Whether for personal or public use, it is important to consider the picture’s external surroundings. If the picture will be placed in a traditional setting, colours such as black and white may be more suitable. If the picture is to be placed in a room painted a certain colour, it may be worth considering what colours both enhance and complement the picture and the wall colour.

How Many Pictures Will be in the Frame?

Picture mounts can be effective when displaying multiple pictures. If a colour scheme is identified then this can be used for the picture mount – e.g. a green mount to bring together photos taken outside. It is important to get the colour right as the wrong choice can isolate a picture, drawing more attention to it than other pictures in the frame and diminishing the effect of having multiple pictures.

These considerations are important, however tradeoffs may be required when it comes to colour choice. For example, a colour that best complements the picture may be unsuitable for the external environment it will be placed in. It is important to ensure that whatever colour is chosen, it increases the visual appeal of the picture, whether by enhancing the image itself or complementing its surroundings.

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