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22 Apr
How To Personalise Your Box Frame

How To Personalise Your Box Frame

At Picture Frames Express, we understand the value of presenting someone you care about with a gift that has been designed specifically for them. A box frame offers plenty of opportunity for you to get creative in this regard and will leave your chosen recipient with a precious memento that will last for many years to come. 

In this blog, you will find a selection of ideas on how to put together the perfect box frame for your loved one in order to show them just how much they mean to you.


A New Take On The Family Portrait 

Looking for a gift the entire family will enjoy? Buy a pack of inexpensive clothes pegs and bring your artistic skills to the fore by drawing each family member’s likeness onto individual pegs in felt-tip pen. Use string and felt to create some distinctive hair and clothing before positioning mum, dad and the kids in an order to suit you. Glue each figure carefully to the bottom of the frame before sealing.


The Story Of Your Love 

If you’ve been in a relationship for some time, chances are you’ll have a whole bucket load of memories between you. Some of these memories won’t take on any physical form, but others, such as holidays, meals and nights out spent together, may have warranted you to keep hold of a selection of tickets, photos or receipts. 

Enclose all of these priceless items in a collage-inspired box frame and gift it to your significant other on a romantic occasion such as an anniversary, Valentine’s Day or just because. It’s sure to go down a storm.


To Have And To Hold 

Continuing in a similar vein, a box frame can be a fantastic way of immortalising your wedding. This is best achieved by selecting your favourite picture from the day and enclosing it within a single or double mount. Small embellishments work well here to give extra emphasis to the image at the centre of the frame, so add little design flourishes such as wooden tiles and stylish gems to neatly round off the composition. This style of box frame can be a gift to yourself or somebody else.


Perfect For A New Arrival 

In between early-morning feeds and sleepless nights, most new parents can barely move for the amount of clothing and toys gifted to them on their return home from hospital. Do something different to celebrate the newborn in their lives by putting together a smart initial box frame that will look great on the baby’s bedroom wall. 

All that you need to do here is purchase/cut down some backing card before using some stickers and washi tape to spell out the baby’s first initial in the centre of this design. Add something extra special by neatly writing the baby’s date of birth and weight on a special wooden shape such as a star. Your friends will love it!


Remember The Best Bits 

Some of the best memories are made over the course of a special family holiday or a small getaway with friends, and a box frame is the perfect place for you to create a collage of what made the trip so memorable. Here, we recommend putting together plane tickets, maps, photos, postcards, shells, stickers and anything else you may have collected during your excursion. 

Positioning the frame in a prominent area of your home will remind you of all the fun you had at this specific time in your life and provide you with a little corner of sanctuary in a busy world. Make one for yourself or make one for your friends!


Box Frames At Picture Frames Express 

If you’ve decided on your theme, then you’re ready to purchase your box frame and at Picture Frames Express, you’ll be spoilt for choice. We have a wide variety of box frames for you to choose from, with a huge range of heights, widths and depths to suit your requirements. We also offer custom sizing options. 

The box frames we supply come in many different colours and you will have the option to include a single or double mount as well as multiple frames in your chosen design. You can make your selection here


We hope you enjoyed reading our blog on box frame ideas and we would love to see what sort of design you come up with. You can share your box frames with us on Instagram by using #framesexpress. 

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