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19 Aug

Top 10 Framing Tips

There’s nothing better than filling your walls with pictures of loved ones, memories, art prints you love and places you will visit; each deserving a little spot within your home. Frames are the perfect finishing touch for all these things; protecting your pieces, highlighting the best bits and making them appear at one with your home.

Here at Picture Frames Express we pride ourselves on knowing how to get the best out of a frame and below we have given you our top 10 framing tips with a few ideas on how to frame within your home, best practices and some things to remember when framing:

1. Pick your Pictures Carefully

What picture are you happy to see day in day out? Would you like landscapes, family memories, contemporary photos or something else. Pick a picture which suits your home and your style.

2. Consider the space you’re hanging in

Before purchasing a frame think about what will be in its surroundings and the shape of the space you are hanging in. For example if you have a large alcove you can go for a larger frame/picture. If your picture will be hanging amongst other frames consider the frame sizes and colour you currently have.

Think about the colours of the wall/pattern of the wall paper, what style and colour of frame will work best with this?




3. Template more Elaborate Layouts

Looking to hang multiple frames? Think about positioning and layout! We have some great tips for planning you hanging layouts and getting it right on our Guide to Positioning Blog. Great positioning and layout can create a key focal point within a room and make guests glances at your pictures inevitable.

4. Don’t be Afraid of Chunky Mounts

Often people think about a chunky mount and straight away discard it as a framing option. Chucky mounts are an amazing way to add modern style and depth to your pictures as well as further protect them. In particular white chunky mounts work well to open up the edges of an image and attract the eyes.

5. Customise your frame don’t cut you picture

Got a picture thats an awkward size/ shape? Don’t cut it !!! Many frame suppliers such as us here at Picture Frames Express offer customisable frame sizing so you can pick a frame to suit your picture rather than compromise it.

6. Colour is Catchy

Don’t reject a coloured frame straight away, everyone needs a bit of colour in their lives.  Coloured picture frames work great on walls or areas with little or no clutter / patterns/ colour i.e. more modern, clean cut spaces. With coloured walls or a colour themed room, simply decide whether you would like to match or clash the colour and go ahead and pick a frame.

As a general rule the smaller and more contemporary the picture the thicker you could go with a coloured frame. If you have a picture full of colour instead go for a thinner coloured frame.



7. Consider Creative Frame Hanging

Bored of standard frame hanging? There are some great creative ways to hang picture frames out there such as on ropes and ribbons, skinny shelving and along rails. Take a look at our guide to creative Frame hanging for some ideas.

8. Preview Picture

Get a good idea about whether your frame works by using preview picture options if available. Frames Express allows you to upload an image to the frame designer to give you an idea of whether your picture and the frame colour/style look ok together.

9. Sometimes Less Is More

Although getting an elaborate frame can look good its important to remember that you are looking to enhance your picture with the frame not detract from it. Got a bright bold picture? you can afford to go big and bold with the frame or more simple. It’s just important to consider how to get the balance so the picture is still the main attraction.

10. Remember it’s not just about looks; framing is for protection aswell.

We don’t just frame for looks, framing is also used to protect the picture within from dust, moisture and many frames include glazing which offers UV protection.


For more top tips and ideas for picture framing take a look through our blog which is filled with ideas and a step-by-step guide to hanging a picture frame.



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