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Tapes Picture Frame Supplies

Masking Tape - Use to Seal the Back of your frame and for Fixing Prints to mounts
Taping up your frame at the back Provides a Nice Neat Finish, keeps the frame tight to the backing board which aids rigidity and most importantly it stops Dust, insects and bugs getting into the frame and damaging the contents.

* Not for use on aluminum frames  

25mm x 50mtr
Brown tape - 25mm x 50mtr
  £2.65Ex VAT In Stock
38mm x 50mtr
Brown tape - 38mm x 50mtr
  £3.65Ex VAT In Stock
25mm x 66mtr
Conservation tape - 25mm x 66mtr
  £11.95Ex VAT In Stock
50mm x 66mtr
Conservation tape - 50mm x 66mtr
  £14.33Ex VAT In Stock
12mm x 50mtr
Double sided tape - 12mm x 50mtr
  £5.98Ex VAT In Stock
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