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20 Oct
8 Youtube Channels All Hobbyist Photographers Should Check Out

8 Youtube Channels All Hobbyist Photographers Should Check Out

If you consider yourself a photographer, or simply admire film and photography, Youtube can be a fantastic resource. Not only does Youtube have a wealth of instructional videos, but you will also find insightful vlogs that are full of inspiration. We have spent some time collecting 8 of our favourite Youtube photography channels. From contemporary filmmakers to landscape photographers, we hope our list accommodates the entire spectrum of budding photographers.

1. Negative Feedback


First on our list is Negative Feedback. Negative Feedback is the brainchild of British photographer and creative George Muncey. Although the channel has been around for some years, it is yet to ascend to the heights it deserves with 237k subscribers. The content on this channel, as well as the editing, is phenomenal and deserves a lot more recognition.

Negative Feedback is great for those with a particular interest in film photography. George merges gear reviews with vlogs and Q&As to offer a unique spin on contemporary photography. Negative Feedback offers a glimpse into George’s process as well as a unique insight into specialist film cameras. We promise you will come away from this channel having been inspired.

Best for: Film photographers
(35mm, Medium/ Large Format)

2. Kai W


It would be difficult to find a camera or piece of photography equipment Kaiman Wong hasn’t reviewed. Kai W is a channel predominantly dedicated to reviewing the latest tech within the world of film and photography. Kaiman’s witty and dry commentary is the star of the show: making the content captivating in an otherwise saturated market. Blind purchasing a camera can be a costly mistake. This channel offers us a lifeline by providing in depth analysis on the latest gear and tech.

Best for: Digital/ Film photographers.
Those looking for in depth gear reviews

3. Matt Day


In his own words, Matt Day is ‘a photographer from southern Ohio that shares his work, thoughts on photography, and everyday life’. Matt’s channel is a treasure trove of film photography tips and insights. The videos tend to be on the longer side; giving the viewer a more intimate glimpse into Matt’s life as a photographer. The channel does have a focus on film photography. That being said, there is a variety of content on the channel that, we believe, will inspire and motivate young photographers.

Best for: Film photographers
(35mm, Medium/ Large Format)

4. Peter McKinnon


With a whopping 5.53M subscribers, Peter McKinnon is somewhat of a name in the photography world. If you are not familiar with McKinnon’s channel, he creates content that covers a wide range of photography topics. From gear reviews through to editing techniques and capturing great photos, Peter’s channel has everything you need to get started as a photographer. It is not exclusive to budding photographers however. We believe those with experience will find his content extremely valuable.

Best for: Digital/ Film

5. Bertie Gilbert


This choice is a bit out there as it does not exactly pertain to photographers. If you are a photographer with an interest in video or cinematography, however, you may want to keep reading. Bertie Gilbert is an up and coming British filmmaker who specialises in short films. Gilbert creates unique and thought provoking films which display a maturity far beyond his age.

The main reason Bertie is on our list is because the cinematography and general aesthetic of his work is phenomenal. Any one with an interest in video photography will find great value in Bertie’s work. His channel contains all of his work as well as some video diaries and other insights.

Best for: Video

6. Willem Verbeeck


Just like George from Negative Feedback, Willem Verbeeck’s channel capitalises on the recent resurgence of photographers ditching their digital cameras for film. In a digital age, photographers like Willem are choosing to capture life’s moments with traditional tools. This channel is great for those with an interest in travel and film photography. Willem blends smooth editing with captivating content and useful insights. The channel is a relative newcomer but shows promise of blowing up in the next few years.

Best for: Film photographers
(35mm, Medium/ Large Format)

7. Jessica Kobeissi


Jessica Kobeissi’s channel is a go to for anyone with an interest in portrait or fashion photography. Kobeissi delivers a wide spectrum of content from reaction videos to insights into her photography process. We would say Kobeissi’s channel focuses less on the technical aspects of photography like, say, Kai W does. What you do get is a glimpse into the life and process of a young and talented fashion and portrait photographer.

Best for: Fashion/ Portrait

8. Thomas Heaton


This channel is slightly different to any of the others on our list. Whereas the majority of the other aforementioned channels focus on a range of topics, Thomas’ channel is dedicated pretty much exclusively to landscape photography. This channel takes the viewer on an intimate journey through the life of a contemporary landscape photographer. If you ever thought about getting on the road and capturing moments in nature, this channel has a wealth of guidance and tips.

Best for: Landscape photographers

We hope you enjoyed our post ‘8 Youtube Channels All Hobbyist Photographers Should Check Out’. For more photography tips, and general posts, you can visit our Photography Posts page by clicking here!

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