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29 May
A Guide to Positioning Your Picture Frames

A Guide to Positioning Your Picture Frames

So you’ve taken an amazing photo, you’ve ordered your made to measure picture frame, and it’s fitted perfect in the frame. Now comes the difficult part, where are you going to hang it? If a picture frame is hung well on a wall then it can create an interesting focal point within a room, both for guests that visit your home and also for you to see day to day.

There is a standard rule that Art Gallery’s use with regards to hanging a frame, which is that it should be 60 inches or 1520mm from the floor to the centre of the picture. This allows the picture to be positioned at the average person’s eye level so that the focal point of the picture is right in eye line. Whilst this is very easy to do in an art gallery with all its bare walls, it might not be as easy in the home due to a fireplace or other unmovable objects. It is only a suggested rule though so keep it in mind but don’t worry if it’s not possible.

When hanging a single picture, try to consider the size of the picture in relation to the wall it is being hung on. For example if you have a large open wall avoid hanging a small picture central on the wall. Instead find a medium or large sized picture to hang which is large enough to draw attention in an open space.

Another consideration is where exactly to position the picture; many people simply aim for the middle of a wall to hang, however if you want to make a real statement why not hang your picture off centre? this can help to make a room appear bigger as well as more stylish.

To make sure you hang your picture frame correctly, check out Marks Tips for Hanging a Picture Frame.

Positioning Multiple Picture Frames

The trick with positioning Multiple Picture Frames is making use of space and planning layout.

Staircases are a fairly common way of positioning pictures, so that as the stairs moves upwards, so do the parallel frames meaning as you go up the stairs, the pictures are always at face height.

Another great way to position pictures is to create a wall collage or photo display; the important thing when planning these is to make sure the layout is balanced:

  • Use frames which have at least one common characteristic for example; vintage, single colour theme, especially if the images you are framing are more of a mix/clash.
  • Balance, Balance, Balance!- for each frame size and shape, pick another frame which is proportionate to it to balance out the display and create an amount of symmetry.
  • If you wish to use a completely different style frame; once again try to put a similar one nearby or opposite to it when hanging.

Planning your wall collage:

  • A great way to plan your layout is by using a large sheet of paper (or many pieces of paper taped together).
  • Then simply lay your frames out on the paper, to create a look you are happy with and trace around the frames.
  • Before moving your pictures, quickly take a picture.
  • Next, to ensure you get you holes drilled in the correct place, measure on each frame the distance from the edge of the frame to the hanging hook. You want to then transfer this onto your planning sheet, marking on each frame outline where the hook is (this is where you will drill)
  • Finally simply cello-tape the paper to the wall, remembering that eye line is roughly around 60″ from the floor. Step back, and once your happy with the position, begin drilling and positioning your frames on the wall – and don’t forget to remove the paper !

This method is great to give you an idea for planning how your frames will look like on the wall before you begin drilling any holes. Using this method allows you to stand back from the wall to take in the full effect and positioning of the frame and allows you to test different ideas.

For frame layout inspiration, take a look at the guide below!



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