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If you have a question about picture framing...



Accuracy of product images
Images are presented in good faith and are high resolution scans or photographs of the actual products with no colour / tone / shade or shadow adjustment, this is done to offer the the best representation of the products across the broadest range of systems.

Computers have different graphic capabilitys, monitors and settings all of which will effect the image.
If colour / tone / etc is critical we strongly advise an actual sample of the product is requested before an order is placed.

Are products in stock
Yes, with the exception of swept and aluminium frames we are stock holders of all hardware, mouldings & mount board on this website.
If we are out of stock of anything it’s normal to have the item back in stock within a couple of working days.

How constant are the products, in case of re-order or critical dimension
We source products from different suppliers and each consignment of product may be slightly different to that as advertised, or previously supplied. Mount card can be slightly lighter, or slightly darker frames can be slightly lighter, darker, a few mm bigger, or smaller in width, depth and or rebate.

As a guide, frame dimensions are accurate to within 5mm and mounts to within 2mm.

If you are repeating an order we cannot guarantee frame or moulding sizes and or Mount colour to be 100% identical as previously supplied even if the product code is identical.

How precise is the layout on the multiframe
All apertures cut into the mount board are centred and aligned in relation to each other and the external size of the mount board. 99% of multi-aperture mounts present no alignment or justification issue. However, if the layout contains a large number of apertures in multiple rows and columns and or orientation, we reserve the right to use our professional opinion in regard to spacing and alignment and we may not follow the preview image, or central spacing as generated by the preview image on-line.

We also reserve the right to increase or reduce the overall size of the frame and / or mount to make the openings required fit and look in proportion. We would never reduce or increase the opening sizes, as we know for you this is the critical part of the product.

It is very important to note

The image of a frame and multi mount combination displayed on line is for representation only and may not be to scale. If a certain layout is critical, a diagram needs to be supplied to us with every possible detail. Contact us and we will advise.

Order a frame that is not online
If the material required is available in the UK and the quantity required consists of a minimum of one box of molding. We cannot advise this minimum requirement as box quantities vary considerably.
If you scan or photograph a piece of the frame, e-mail it or post it to us along with your actual requirement, we will be happy to advise.

Send a hard copy catalogue
Unfortunately not, we do not produce a hard copy catalouge of the products we supply.
Our current stock, prices and products available are shown online.

Send out samples
Yes we can, to cover the cost we make a small charge of £1.67 + VAT for each 100mm sample of moulding & £0.29p +VAT for each 40mm x 40mm mount sample this includes delivery within mainland UK *

If you require chevrons (corner pieces)
for a gallery or display board we charge for 500mm of the material.

Any complete frame samples are charged at list price.

Mount board samples are non-refundable and a refund of up to five picture frame samples is available
on one single order with a subtotal of £ 125.00 or more (excluding discounts, shipping and VAT)

To order samples, e-mail the product code
and description along with your name and full delivery address.

*Samples for delivery outside of the mainland UK will be charged as above +70% of the value of the lowest cost shipping option to the delivery location and is un-refundable.

Use glass instead of ClearView Plexiglas
Occasionally we get asked if we can send glass by post.

If glass is used and does break in transit it’s highly likely that the glass will damage the frame and anything else within the same parcel which would be very dangerous and the fact is ‘ Plexiglas ‘ is, in our opinion so good it is an unnecessary risk to take.

We only supply genuine PLEXIGLAS® XT 0A000 (20070) manufactured by Rohm. This material is the highest quality available and offers approximately 7 times more UV protection than glass.

This material should not be mixed up with styrene or acrylic sheet which is the material that most department stores, certain other picture frame websites and a certain four lettered company company from Sweden use !

With all of this in mind and you really do require glass, we will do as we are asked on the condition
that you accept all risk of damage and or breakage and all associated liability’s

If you are prepared to accept this risk, please place your order and then e-mail or include the instruction with the order that you do accept all risk of damage and or breakage and all associated liability’s in the special instructions box.

For orders where we use our own delivery drivers or orders to be picked up in person, using glass presents no problem.



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