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Basics of Photography
14 Jun

Capturing Flowers - Blooming Great Photography

Summer is nearly here! And that means the arrival of some beautiful buds blooming in our gardens and surroundings. With the lighter days and fresh flo…

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26 Feb

Learning Through Photography Styles- Basics of Photography Series Part 15

Often when we pursue a new hobby we eventually develop our own sort of style or a preference for doing things. Especially with artistic forms which ar…

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25 Sep

Moving onto Macro -Basics of Photography Series Part 14

We’ve all seen those beautiful photos which capture every minute detail of a single flower, a pausing bumblebee, beads of dew hanging from the leave…

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Photographing sunset with a phone
22 Jul

Guide to Phonetography- Basics of Photography Series Part 13

Looking to capture photos at a moments notice? Looking for flexibility and portability in your photography equipment whilst retaining photo quality? T…

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Camera in front of a sunset view
24 Jun

Guide to Using Light- Basics of Photography Series Part 12

Light is at the core of photography, it’s the most important thing. Without that opening of the shutter to allow in the light the photo woul…

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Underneath a bridge
20 Apr

11 Tips to Street Photography Success- Basics of Photography Series Part 11

Here at Frames Express one of our favourite forms of photography is street photography. Street photography tends to yield the realest and ench…

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Panoramic of sunny beach
18 Mar

Panoramic Photography- Basics of Photography Series Part 10

The new age of smartphones now make panoramas but how do you achieve this same effect but with your trusty DSLR. In this month’s Basics of Photograp…

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Panda in a tree
26 Feb

Wildlife Photography- Basics of Photography Series Part 9

It can be an amazing experience even getting a glimpse of some of the world’s best wildlife, and capturing that moment and telling a story years on ca…

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Santa Cruz city on La Palma island in the morning
10 Feb

Landscape Photography -Basics of Photography Series Part 8

We’ve all had those breathtaking landscapes we’ve come across, whether it’s from the top of a mountain, looking over the urban world or at the foo…

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Cyclists racing
12 Jan

Cool Things You Can Do With Your Camera- Basics of Photography Series Part 7

With the Instagram and editing fashion well underway it can be hard to make your photography look just as interesting as the captures …

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Triumph Arc in Paris with Etoile Roundabout traffic light trails.
26 Nov

The Art of Capturing Light - Basics of Photography Series Part 6

So the time of year has come when Christmas lights line the streets, days get darker and the world takes on a new glow. With this time of year offerin…

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Close-up of dandelion
28 Aug

Taking Great Close-Ups: Basic of Photography Series Part 5

Photography is all about bringing to life and permanently capturing the world around us whether that be people, nature or random objects. Many photogr…

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Photo editing on a laptop
05 Aug

A Basic Guide To Photo Editing

Back in the dark ages, when photos were shot on film, editing was pretty much left to the professionals and extreme enthusiasts; who had a lot…

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16 Jul

5 Tips For Taking Photos in The Sun- Basics Of Photography Series Part 4

Last month we gave you a basic guide DSLR camera lenses. In this month’s Basics of Photography Series we are going to give you a basic guide to taki…

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Different size lenses
27 Jun

The Basics of DSLR Camera Lenses- Basics of Photography Series Part 3

Last month we gave you a guide to the basic settings you should know for operating your cameras. In this month’s Basics of Photography Series we are…

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DSLR Camera Settings Screen
20 May

Guide to DSLR Camera Settings- Basics of Photography Series Part 2

Digital Single Lens Reflex cameras.
With DSLRs featuring the most amount of settings out of all the camera types, it is important to understa…

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Digital camera
22 Apr

How to Choose a Digital Camera- Basics of Photography Part 1


The first ever paper film based camera was invented by George Eastman in 1889, called ‘Kodak’; a simple box camera with the accompanying…

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