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September 25, 2015

Moving onto Macro -Basics of Photography Series Part 14


  We’ve all seen those beautiful photos which capture every minute detail of a single flower, a pausing bumblebee, beads of dew hanging from the leaves. What can we do to create our own exquisite close up shots? You may have already read our Basics of Photography Part 5 – Taking Great Close-ups, but in [...]

July 22, 2015

Guide to Phonetography- Basics of Photography Series Part 13


Looking to capture photos at a moments notice? Looking for flexibility and portability in your photography equipment whilst retaining photo quality? There’s no denying the ability to capture and create high-quality photos on a phone is becoming easier and easier; it’s the day and age of phonetography!   Advantages of Phone Photography: Photography Apps Take [...]

June 24, 2015

Guide to Using Light- Basics of Photography Series Part 12

lighting featured

  Light is at the core of photography, it’s the most important thing. Without that opening of the shutter to allow in the light the photo would not appear as the camera sensor could not pick out any details. Having knowledge about the different types of light sources and the best way to implement them [...]

April 20, 2015

11 Tips to Street Photography Success- Basics of Photography Series Part 11


  Here at Frames Express one of our favourite forms of photography is street photography. Street photography tends to yield the realest and enchanting captures of individuals and their everyday life. In this month’s Basics of Photography Series, we have created a list of some tips which you can utilise to confidently go out and [...]

March 18, 2015

Panoramic Photography- Basics of Photography Series Part 10


The new age of smartphones now make panoramas but how do you achieve this same effect but with your trusty DSLR. In this month’s Basics of Photography Series Part 10 we are going to guide you through the steps to achieve the perfect panoramic shot; smartphones today may make panoramas look good but with a [...]

February 26, 2015

Wildlife Photography- Basics of Photography Series Part 9


It can be an amazing experience even getting a glimpse of some of the world’s best wildlife, and capturing that moment and telling a story years on can only add to it. Whether you are searching to capture your favourite animal in action, delve deeper into the lives of insects or simply want to explore [...]

February 10, 2015

Landscape Photography -Basics of Photography Series Part 8


We’ve all had those breathtaking landscapes we’ve come across, whether it’s from the top of a mountain, looking over the urban world or at the foot of a river, there are just some points where you can’t help but think- “I wish I had a camera”. In this month’s Basics of Photography Series, we have [...]

January 12, 2015

Cool Things You Can Do With Your Camera- Basics of Photography Series Part 7

cool things

    With the Instagram and editing fashion well underway it can be hard to make your photography look just as interesting as the captures people are getting on their phones and editing through apps. There are however a few tricks/ tips you can do to get some great effects from your standard camera; from [...]

November 26, 2014

The Art of Capturing Light – Basics of Photography Series Part 6


So the time of year has come when Christmas lights line the streets, days get darker and the world takes on a new glow. With this time of year offering a new challenge in lighting for photographers we thought we would give you some top tips to capture the illuminations which come with this time [...]

August 28, 2014

Taking Great Close-Ups: Basic of Photography Series Part 5

Photography is all about bringing to life and permanently capturing the world around us whether that be people, nature or random objects. Many photographers seek to capture things as they are however many wish to identify and enhance key things around us in ways we wouldn’t normally. One way many photographers capture the world differently [...]