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Accessories - Backing Card

Acid free Mountboard With a striking White Core 4 Ply Board, Cover paper – Neutral PH. The Core & Backing is Chemically purified Pulp from which all harmful substances have been removed. Pure white bevel Stays White – Non acidic White core boards are 1400 Microns (1.4mm)
Fine art trade guild Framing level – COMMENDED

Chemically purified wood pulp from which ALL potentially harmful substances have been extracted. Solid colour Core The board is buffered with calcium carbonate, which protects against acidic elements in the environment – alkaline ph & has Solid colour. Conservation Boards are 1350 Micron (1.35mm )
Fine art trade guild Framing level – CONSERVATION

The total board – surface paper, core and backing is made from a non acidic 100% Cotton fibre – Lignen free. Use for original artwork, Fine prints and precious documents. Conservation Boards are 1400 Micron (1.4mm). Fine art trade guild Framing level – MUSEUM

Self Adhesive
Adhesive board is the only alternative available to dry-mounting – A professional process where an item is bonded onto a thicker substrate to ensure the item will remain perfectly flat and warp free for ever. There are a lot of items which benefit from Adhesive board, posters which are printed on very thin paper are a good example, as the paper is thin , when the poster is put into a frame the weight of the whole poster is on the bottom so you get a warped effect, if the poster is adhered correctly to adhesive board this will not happen. Notes : The artwork once applied may be damaged on removal from any Adhesive board. The boards are not of archival quality and therefore the board is not suitable for mounting expensive / irreplaceable items.

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