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If you have a question about picture framing...

Picture frame - Glazing

Every picture frame we manufacture
includes 2mm Clear View Plexiglas

Crystal clear and shatterproof,
Plexiglas is the modern, clean & safe
alternative to traditional glass glazing

Conforms to all BSI safety standards.


Occasionally we get asked if we can send traditional glass by post…

If glass is used and does break in transit it’s highly likely that the glass will damage the frame and anything else within the same parcel which would be very dangerous and the fact is ‘ Plexiglas ‘ is,  in our opinion so good it is  an unnecessary risk to take.

The glazing material supplied as standard with our picture frame products is PLEXIGLAS® XT 0A000 (20070) / equivalent standard, the glazing material is largely UV absorbing (largely resistant) which means it will not discolour or fade ( conforms to BSI safety standards / ISO 7823-2 )

This material should not be mixed up with styrene or acrylic sheet which is the glazing material that most department and high street stores, certain other picture frame websites and a certain four lettered company company from Sweden use ! these are both very thin substrates and will fade and discolour over time as they are not UV absorbing (resistant).

However….If you really do require glass, we will do as we are asked on the understanding that you accept all risk of damage and or breakage in transit, as compensation is not available for any delivery where glass is used.

If you are prepared to accept this risk,
please place your order as normal and then e-mail or include the instruction in the special instructions box.

For orders where we  use our own delivery drivers or orders to be picked up in person, using glass presents no problems.

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