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Picture Frame - Sizing

The size of a picture frame is the ‘ INTERNAL ‘ size of the frame – figure 3 below.

To enable the removal of the glazing, backing and mount if applicable
1mm to 6mm is added on to the size of the picture frame, this is the frame tolerance.

If a picture frame is 100mm x 100mm for example
the inside size of the frame will be 101mm – 106mm – figure 3 below.


1.The outside to the outside ( external ) size of the frame is incorrect.

2.The inside to the inside ( sight ) size of the frame from the front is incorrect.
3.The inside to the inside ( internal ) size of the frame from the back is correct.


As a picture frame has a rebate, when the item is fitted inside the frame the total viewing area at the front of the frame will be approximately 10mm smaller than the picture frame size


The edges of the item inside the frame will be covered by the width of the rebate.


 Frame boundry item only  Frame boundry mount only
 Example with no mount  Example with a mount

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