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Picture frame - Materials, descriptions and codes

Picture Frame descriptions in all sections are the manufacturers description of the colour, profile and material.

Picture Frames in the aluminium section are solid aluminium
Picture Frames in the natural section are the actual material in the description, ash is ash etc.
Picture frames with (c) after the product code are frames made form a composite material, this will be either a resin ( formed plastic ) or MDF ( Medium Density Fibreboard based)
Picture frames in all other sections are wooden based

Picture Frames with ( Hr ) after the product code are high relief picture frame mouldings,
these are  frames with a high relief pattern on the material.
For example the frame  – P67 – 72mm savignon gold ( Hr ) , is a 72mm savignon gold frame with a high relief pattern. The pattern on  high relief ( Hr ) frames when cut an joined together will not meet precisely across the join. We have taken two photographs, one from the left and one from the right to demonstrate.


 right.correct  Left.correct
View of the right section  View of the left section


As you can see,  the frame is joined correctly together piece to piece, but the pattern ( the high refief ) on the right piece does not meet precisely with the pattern ( the high refief ) of the left piece. This is perfectly normal and inherent in the process of cutting and joining material with a high relief pattern.

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