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the Fine Art Trade Guild sets standards for artists, printers and framers alike
04 Nov

What Is The Fine Art Trade Guild?

In 1910, the Fine Art Trade Guild became the organisation responsible for setting standards and guidelines for the fine art print trade. It is sti…

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26 Aug

How Art Can Impact Your Workplace

What makes a good workplace? Most people would agree that communication, teamwork and clear expectations are pretty fundamental parts of any job, …

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28 Jun

16 of the Most Famous Artists and Painters of all Time

Like all forms of creative expression, art – be it painting, sculpture or music – is almost always subjective. For every one person that sees great qu…

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15 Dec

Five Art Exhibitions available in 2022

With the new year fast approaching, we’ve chosen five exhibitions that we think are a great way to inject some inspiration into January and beyond. …

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17 Nov

Top Tips For Creating An Art Studio At Home

With the emergence of COVID, we have seen people looking to optimise their home to facilitate leisure activities and hobbies. If you are an artist, ma…

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10 Sep

Self Care Through Drawing

We all have busy schedules and, in the midst of the mayhem, things can get on top of us. More and more, people are seeking abstract ways to combat str…

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20 Jul

Our Top Picks For Art Exhibitions You Should Visit In 2021

As we enter a new chapter in the battle against COVID-19 many of the social restraints placed upon us are, thankfully, slowly being lifted. In celebra…

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14 Oct

20 Creative Instagram Accounts That You Need To Follow!

Admit it, you love discovering new creative accounts that you could spend hours on, just looking through their feed and soaking up all of that inspira…

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08 Jul

Virtual Museum and Art Gallery Tours

Hundreds of world-renowned museums and art galleries have teamed up with Google Arts and Culture to bring what they have to offer online and completel…

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Colourful painting on canvas
15 May

7 Tips to Finding Inspiration for Art

Finding inspiration for art is a continuous process, it’s everywhere but sometimes you just can’t seem to find it. Have you been staring at that b…

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30 Mar

DIY Crafts for your Home

There’s no better time to try your hand at something new, get inventive and create some wonderful pieces of art. Whether you’re an arts and crafts…

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09 Dec

Jenny Urquhart - Featured Artist

My name is Jenny Urquhart and I’m a Bristol-based artist. I’m most well known for my bright, colourful paintings of Bristol’s Clifton Suspension Bridg…

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04 Nov

Featured Artist - Faye Bridgwater

Hello, I’m Faye Bridgwater. I’m a Brighton based artist. I run a Facebook Group called Brighton Skies, with 10,000 members, sharing photos of the …

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15 Oct

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Be Scared To Print & Frame Your Art

As an art, photography is a time-consuming hobby that sees budding photographers up at the crack of dawn, in all weathers, in the worst of conditions …

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06 Sep

Our Pick of Photography & Art Books For Creative Inspiration

When starting out in any hobby, career, or interest, one of the finest things to do is to find out exactly how to do it, to gain insight and inspirati…

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03 Sep

Featured Artist - Iain Clark

My name is Iain Clark, and my hobby is creating pixel art out of Perler, Hama and Artkal beads. These are small (5mm) plastic beads that can be melted…

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15 Aug

Photographers and Artists: How To Get Your Work Seen

Are you a photographer or an artist? You could be casually doing either, but your work might be good enough to win a prize or make a career from it! W…

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09 Aug

Featured Artist - Tony Hinchliffe

My name is Tony Hinchliffe, I work as a full-time artist from my studio in Northamptonshire, I completed my first paying commission at 11 years old. L…

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paper crafts for easter
12 Apr

Best craft activities to do this Easter

With schools breaking up in less than a week for the long Easter break, you may be wondering what you can do to keep the little ones entertained for m…

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Sprayed train tickets framed
15 Mar

Johnman - Artist of the Month - March '19

Introduce yourself

Hi! I’m an urban artist working under the pseudonym Johnman and paint both outdoor murals and smaller scale gallery artworks. …

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16 Jan

The Top Art Exhibitions to see in 2019 in the UK

Art can be for everyone! This is the message we’re trying to spread with this blog. This isn’t an exhaustive list of what’s to come in 2019, but…

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06 Sep

All About: Graffiti

As we’ve all seen in most large cities and towns across the globe, random names and letterings are painted on public walls. This, we know as graffit…

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Last of the Evening Light
13 Jun

Jamie Sugg - Artist of the Month June '18

Introduce Yourself
I’m a 37-year-old landscape and wildlife artist based in a small village on the edge of the Fens of East Cambridgeshire. I’m m…

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Top 10 Instagram Accounts to follow for art
13 Apr

10 Art & Photography Instagram Accounts You Have to Follow

1. National Geographic

Photo by @ronan_donovan // The morning commute for these reticulated giraffe in Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Kenya. I’…

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19 Mar

All About: Impressionism

So what is impressionism ?
Believe it or not, the name ‘Impressionist’ was initially used as an insult to refer to a set of artists who exhibited…

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Towards St Paul's
14 Feb

Tiffany Budd - Artist of the Month February '18

Introduce Yourself

My name is Tiffany Budd and I’m a full-time artist who specialises in acrylic painting, coloured pencil and pastel drawing. I us…

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25 Apr

Creating The Perfect Artist Environment At Home

Art studios come in all shapes and sizes but are always a personal space.To help you create your very own art studio within a space at home we’ve li…

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24 Apr

Alan Woollett - Featured Artist

Having won our Art and Drawing Competition back in March 2017 with his entry ‘Flamingo Study’, we asked Alan Woollett to give us some insight into his…

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20 Mar

7 Top Art Blog Sites and Articles

Which art blogs are the most creative, informative and inspiring? There isn’t one clear answer to this question, as everyone will have their own vie…

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14 Mar

Colouring Creations- You're Never Too Old to Colour

It’s art month here at Frames Express! And with this in mind it’s time to pick up some crayons, colouring book and get stuck in – You’re never t…

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06 Mar

2017 Art Competition - Portraits, Interiors, Landscape & Wildlife

Pop down your camera and pick up your paintbrush, this month’s competition is an art one. Using mediums such as pencils, coloured pencils, pens, charc…

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14 Oct

The Meaning Behind

Painting is a form of art that allows us to express our imagination and bring our ideas and visualizations to life. In some cases, when we create a pa…

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21 Apr

Judith Crown- Featured Artist

You won our March ‘Modern World’ photography competition, what can you tell us about your entry ‘At the Art Gallery’?
My photograph “…

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07 Oct

Framing For Your Art Style

“The best frames are an extension of the art they surround, not its antithesis” – Mr. Wilner. Chief Exec Wilner & Co.*
So you’ve got your …

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21 May

49 Most Influential Photographers in History

Who is the most influential photographer of all time? Which photographers have had the biggest impact on the world around them? There’s probably…

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12 May

A Guide to Framing Art

A problem for artists and buyers alike when it comes to framing is the art of framing art.
It sounds strange I know but many of us take for g…

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24 Feb

2015: A year of exhibitions and excitement

Whether you’re an aspiring artist or just a fan looking to widen your collection; this year’s spectrum of exhibitions will have something f…

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19 Jan

Up-and-coming Artists of 2015


With new artists appearing every day how do we keep up? And who is worth a second look?
From the broad and varied world of art here…

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30 Sep

How to Set Up and Organise Your First Exhibition

There’s no denying all of us want our work to be seen, whether it be painting, photography or sculptures, if its good and your proud of it then it des…

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23 Sep

Ten Tips to The Art of Picking Art

Decorating your home takes a lot of time and patience. Many people look to create a certain atmosphere, or follow a particular theme within th…

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30 Jul

Art and Photography Exhibitions August 2014

Here at Picture Frames Express we work with a number of exhibitions, museums and galleries to provide a great show by supplying quality picture frames…

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06 May

A Guide to Hanging Oil Paintings in Picture Frames

Picture frames give a more finished look to an oil painting and helps define the boundaries of the artwork, as well as add value if you are looking to…

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13 Mar

Lin Osborn Art


Here at Picture Frames Express we love to learn more about the stories and life behind artists and photographers alike.

Do you rememb…

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04 Dec

A Waggy Dog Story

Everyone knows someone that’s crazy about dogs. Maybe it’s your partner, your mum, or your best friend? If you don’t know someone who’s ma…

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