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20 Jul
Our Top Picks For Art Exhibitions You Should Visit In 2021

Our Top Picks For Art Exhibitions You Should Visit In 2021

As we enter a new chapter in the battle against COVID-19 many of the social restraints placed upon us are, thankfully, slowly being lifted. In celebration of this the team at Picture Frames Express have compiled a list of art exhibitions, we believe, you won’t want to miss out on.

David Hockney: The Arrival of Spring, Normandy, 2020
Royal Academy of Arts – 23 May / 26 September 2021
Tickets – £19/21

What better way to celebrate the easing of COVID restrictions than to visit David Hockney’s lockdown inspired exhibition The Arrival of Spring at The Royal Academy of Arts. 2020 saw Hockney, like many of us, unable to leave home. The works included in the exhibition were created during this period and utilise a resource favoured more and more by Hockney: his iPad. Although 2020 was a year devoid of much cheer Hockney’s characteristic use of bright colour and scenic subject matter set a hopeful tone. Hockney proposes that even with the arrival of a global pandemic beauty and optimism can still be found in nature.

*Note that the exhibition runs until the end of September unlike others which run later into the year*

Van Gough Alive: The Experience
Kensington Gardens – June 4th / 26 September 2021
Tickets – £29

This is an exhibition we are particularly excited about. Van Gough Alive is an immersive exhibition which boasts the opportunity to experience Impressionist artist Vincent Van Gough’s works like never before. In a purpose built facility in Kensington Gardens the curators have aimed to provide an experience which transcends that of your typical art viewing experience. Sensory cues are integral to the exhibition. The curators have made use of sound, light, colour and fragrance to not only ensure the viewer experience Van Gough’s famous works but be fully immersed in the world in which they were created. The escapist element of the exhibition is surely a nod to our collective experience over the last year. For that reason, we believe, this is not one to be missed.

Masterpieces in Miniature: The 2021 Model Art Gallery
Pallant House Gallery – Saturday 26 June / Spring 2022
Tickets – £12.50

In keeping with the unique style of the aforementioned exhibition we present Masterpieces in Miniature. Masterpieces in Miniature is an attempt by the curators to encapsulate and celebrate 80 years of British art. At this point you may be rightfully asking yourself what makes this experience stand apart from other exhibitions with a similar agenda. The clue is included in the title: all the artworks presented in the exhibition are original miniatures. The art is housed in model art galleries and includes works from a wide variety of contemporary and classic British artists. There are three model galleries on show all presenting work from different eras of British art history.

Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirror Rooms
Tate Modern – No Availability Until 24 October 2021
Tickets – £10

Kusama’s Infinity Mirror Rooms exhibition has been housed intermittently at The Tate Modern for a number of years. In 2021 you could be one of the lucky individuals to experience Kusama’s vision first hand. Infinity Mirror Rooms is an immersive experience which allows the viewer to step into Yayoi Kusama’s vision of endless reflections. Kusama makes use of a number of techniques to mimic the action of stepping into what we perceive as endless space or infinity. Mirrors, LED lights and water are combined to create a breathtaking visual experience similar to that of stepping into the night sky.

*Note that the exhibition has no availability until 24 October 2021. The exhibition runs until June 2022*

Thank you for taking the time to read our top picks for art exhibitions to visit in 2021. To discover more art topics and tips plus photography news keep an eye on our blog!

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