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Interior Design
Hanging Picture On White Brick Wall In Room
26 Apr

Dos And Don'ts Of Hanging Made-To-Measure Picture Frames

Framed pictures are a great way to elevate any room. But getting the placement right is key! Hanging a frame in the wrong position can leave your …

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12 Mar

2024 Framing Trends: Framing Your Vision of Interior Design

Discover the hottest colours and trends for interior design in 2024 as we look into the future of the industry. “Design trends come and go, but style …

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11 Apr

Decorate Your Home With Cheap, Affordable Picture Frames

Looking for a way to decorate your home on a budget? Cheap picture frames are the way forward! There are so many ways you can use a photo frame to…

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Picture Frames On White Wall Above Sofa With Cushions In Living Room
21 Mar

5 Top Interior Design Trends for 2023

A new year means new interior design trends! 

It’s that time of year when we bring you our predicted interior design trends for 2023. Last y…

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07 Oct

Cleaning Picture Frames: A Complete Guide

Hands up, who likes cleaning? We thought so. But whilst daily chores might not be at the top of anyone’s to-do list, keeping your house looking …

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25 Sep

Photo Framing On A Budget

When putting your home together, a few well-placed framed photos or prints can go a long way in adding some character to each room. The only probl…

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26 Aug

How Art Can Impact Your Workplace

What makes a good workplace? Most people would agree that communication, teamwork and clear expectations are pretty fundamental parts of any job, …

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23 May

How To Choose The Right Sized Art For Your Space

When choosing a piece of artwork for your space, there are many things to think about. Chief among these is the picture’s size. Get it right and…

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25 Mar

Changes You Can Make to Your Home for Spring

Spring signifies the rebirth of the outside world, all the greenery comes flowing back, flowers bloom and dewy mornings greet you when you wake up…

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20 Jan

Top Interior Design Trends for 2022

As the year gears up, there’s nothing we look forward to more than looking and predicting which trends which you may see more of during the year…

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20 Jan

Six ways to display family photographs

For most of us, displaying family photographs in the home adds the perfect sentimental finish to your interiors. Here we outline a number of display t…

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07 Oct

Biophilic Design Tips For Your Bathroom

Biophilic design is fast becoming a staple in contemporary home design. After the uncertainty brought about by COVID-19, people are leaning towards so…

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24 Aug

Tips and Tricks For Creating A Staircase Gallery Wall

Staircase gallery walls are becoming increasingly popular in modern decorative arrangements. With a bit of preplanning, a few tools and some creativit…

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03 Feb

Interior Design Trends for 2021

With all of us spending a record amount of time at home, it’s no wonder that people are looking to rediscover their home and make the best change th…

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11 Aug

Small Changes That Make a Big Difference in Your Home

Renovating your entire home can be costly and time consuming but by making some small changes, you can really give your house that newly made over fee…

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16 Jan

Interior Design 2020 - Trending Wall Art

They say home is where the heart is, so make sure your heart is in it when decorating your home. Nowadays you don’t have to be an artist to create y…

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Light space with frames, natural wooden furniture and low-hanging light
10 Apr

Spring Interior Styles 2019

Spring is here and with it comes new design trends. How best to redesign and decorate your living spaces based on this season’s looks:

Block co…

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11 Feb

Picture Frames' Spring Styles

With spring just around the corner, we have multiple styles of frames to get your home looking seasonal. From our extensive frames range, we’ve comp…

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12 Oct

Autumn is here! Our Top Trends

With a new season now here, autumn brings variety in our homes through colour and interior styles. Here are our top trends to embrace that autumnal fe…

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17 Aug

7 Ways to Make Your Home More Inviting

A house isn’t a home without a touch of your own personality. Making your house more welcoming for guests is a small way of expressing yourself, you…

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Blue bedroom
24 Apr

Georgia Broome - Designer of the Month April '18

Introduce Yourself
I am Georgia Broome and I am an interior designer, upcycler and all-round creative. I write a blog called Home Made Productions.

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19 Apr

Let there be Light. Top Tips for your Home

Lighting is a key feature to any home and in theory is easy enough; you purchase a light, switch it on and voila, but are you getting the most out of …

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Top 10 websites for affordable wall art
21 Feb

10 Best Places to Buy Affordable Statement Art

2018 is the year we’re seeing oversized art come back into fashion. Statement art is great for enhancing the look of your room and helps compliment …

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16 Jan

2018 Interior Design Trends

The new year is here and with it the perfect time to get prepped to spruce up your home and give it a new lease of life. So what are the coming years …

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14 Nov

A Sprinkle of Christmas - Decoration Ideas

Is it just us or is Christmas starting a bit earlier this year? Baubles, tinsel, trees and stockings are appearing left right and centre in the shops …

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Orange lounge with grey sofa
12 Oct

Autumn Colour Scheme For Living Room

During Autumn we see a wide variety of warm hues outside which are perfect for using in your living room to add warmth. Below we’ll talk about the f…

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25 May

Creating An At Home Office Environment

Whether you’ve got your own business or simply prefer to get a few extra bits of work done at home, having an at home office environment is always wor…

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11 Apr

Best Low Maintenance Household Plants

Want to bring the outdoors into your home as we move toward the summer months, or simply want to freshen things up? Household plants are an ideal way …

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15 Feb

8 Golden Rules of Interior Design

Looking to develop a great eye for decorating? to have an Instagram-worthy design or simply to create a certain ‘feel’ within your home? Have a read o…

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19 Dec

Interior Design Colours 2017

We know that trends are always changing year on year and it’s hard to keep up. If you’re looking for some decorating inspiration for the New Year,…

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19 Jul

Interior Design Colours 2016

Whether you’ve already picked up on the colour trends of 2016 and redecorated your home or you looking to make some changes in the next few months, …

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17 Mar

Fresh Framing for Interiors

We absolutely love for some interior design inspiration; it’s a handy site where everyday homeowners and the professionals who redesign home…

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27 Nov

Feng Shui Interiors for the New Year

Feng shui is all about creating the perfect flow with your interiors. It’s about sculpting a living space that is both beautiful and practic…

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17 Jun

Interior Design and Framing Colours 2015

It’s the ideal time of the year to grab your paintbrush and your overalls and get stuck into revamping the rooms in your home. With this in mind we …

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10 Jun

19 Ways to Re-purpose Old or Unwanted Picture Frames

Got some spare picture frames hanging about around your home or simply looking to pull off your next DIY/crafty project to spruce up and try something…

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02 Apr

The Perfect Partner Picture Frame

Looking for the perfect addition for your wall to showcase your favourite photo, painting or piece of art? From the classic look to the more b…

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22 Dec

New Year-New Art: Tips on placing new art additions in your home

So the new year is fast approaching, and with it the packing away our Christmas decorations to reveal our homes beneath the festive cheer. Now…

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02 Dec

Four Ways to Get Festive With Frames



Christmas is fast approaching; whether you are looking for gifts or things to decorate your home we have trawled the web to find s…

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29 May

A Guide to Positioning Your Picture Frames

So you’ve taken an amazing photo, you’ve ordered your made to measure picture frame, and it’s fitted perfect in the frame. Now comes the difficult…

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07 Apr

Creative Picture Frame Hanging

So you have your picture frame, you have your photo/art framed within…. the next step? Hanging your frame !
With many precious moments and works of…

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09 Jan

Box Frames: Have You Tried One Yet?

If you have something out of the ordinary to frame, you should try one of our customised box frames. They can be used to frame anything from footb…

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28 Aug

How to Pack a Picture Frame

Here is everything you need to know about packing a picture frame.
What you’ll need:

Two sizes of bubble wrap
Foam wrap
Two cardboard boxes…

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25 Jul

How to Choose a Picture Frame for a Room

Here are some important things to consider when you’re choosing the right picture frame for your room: the positioning of the picture, the colou…

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