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12 Mar

2024 Framing Trends: Framing Your Vision of Interior Design

Discover the hottest colours and trends for interior design in 2024 as we look into the future of the industry. “Design trends come and go, but style …

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22 Nov

Framing as a Gift: The Thoughtful Way to Celebrate Special Moments

Gift-giving is a tradition that celebrates milestones, expresses love, and conveys thoughtfulness and while there’s an abundance of gift ideas availab…

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Black Photo Frames
06 Sep

4 Reasons To Love Black Photo Frames

Black photo frames may seem simple but they can elevate any room! Whether you want to decorate your living room, bathroom or kitchen, black pictur…

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21 Jun

Easy Gift Ideas With A Picture Frame

There is nothing like giving someone a thoughtful gift and picture frames are no exception. It can be hard to know what to buy for someone, especi…

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black collage photo frames
05 Dec

Collage Photo Frames Are The Perfect Gift 

Searching for that special gift? Show them how much you care with a personalised collage photo frame from Picture Frames Express. We offer collage…

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picture frame gift ideas for christmas
21 Nov

Our Favourite Picture Frame Gift Ideas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. And here at Picture Frames Express, we’re really in our element. To get you even more in the mood…

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ornate picture frames can be found in most museums and art galleries
26 Oct

Ornate Picture Frames: Product Spotlight

Ornate picture frames have been around for centuries and are just as popular today. When used correctly, they can elevate the look of any photo an…

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09 Sep

Wooden Photo Frames For Every Occasion

In addition to size and shape, the biggest thing to consider when choosing a picture frame is the material it’s made from. Many people make thei…

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15 Jul

Product Focus: Multi Photo Frames

Sometimes, it can be hard to decide which photo you’d like to display. Our multi photo – or collage – frames make this decision much easier, by allo…

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09 Jun

Why Do I Need A Picture Mount?

Fish and chips, salt and pepper, cheese and wine – some things just go together. And here’s another winning combination for you: picture mount and p…

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22 Apr

How To Personalise Your Box Frame

At Picture Frames Express, we understand the value of presenting someone you care about with a gift that has been designed specifically for them. …

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08 Apr

5 Ways To Display Children's Artwork

Fridge door full to bursting? We know that feeling.

At times it can seem that every trip to school results in your offspring returning home…

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17 Feb

Featured Product: White Picture Frames

From brilliant white through to ivory shades; there’s a huge array of frame colours to consider, even when you’ve managed to narrow your selection…

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20 Jan

Six ways to display family photographs

For most of us, displaying family photographs in the home adds the perfect sentimental finish to your interiors. Here we outline a number of display t…

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27 Sep

Featured Product: Canvas Floating Frames

This month our featured product is the unconventional Canvas Floating frame. Here at Picture Frames Express, we have a wide selection of these modern …

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30 Jun

Why is custom picture framing so important?

Why choose custom framing? It’s a question we get asked a lot and it’s something we believe is very important. Custom framing allows you to pi…

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18 Dec

Thoughtful Gift Ideas Using Frames

Christmas is only around the corner and getting ideas for gifts and presents can be hard if you’re on a budget, struggling for ideas or you’re try…

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12 Aug

Why You Should Choose Custom Picture Framing 

We know a lot of people wonder whether custom frames are much different than standard frames and whether they’re worth the investment. Well, there i…

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11 Jul

Graduation and School Picture Framing

With Picture Frames Express, you can create the perfect picture frame to match your decor, whilst presenting and preserving the photo, art or certific…

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07 Dec

Give the gift of memories

Christmas is fast approaching! Getting ideas for gifts and presents can be hard if you’re on a budget, struggling for ideas or you’re trying to bu…

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09 Oct

Black Picture Frames

Our largest product range, Black Picture Frames, star in this month’s featured product. With our online designer, combined with the versatility of b…

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20 Jun

Graduation Framing

Graduation season is fast approaching and it’s never been easier to frame and display memories of your special day.

Frame everything from capture…

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13 Jun

Summer Inspired Frames

The weather is a bit of a mashup outside, so why not bring the summer feel into your home by going bright and bold with picture frames. Here at Frame…

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12 moments banner
13 Dec

Frame Your Year

With Christmas just around the corner, we thought we’d give you some good gift ideas for friends and family, which they will cherish and love. We’…

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10 Aug

Picture Frames for All Occasions

It’s the day and age of visuals, never has it been easier to capture every occasion in high-quality shots, and all it takes is a click of a button on …

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28 Jul

Steps to Collage & Multi Picture Framing


There’s so much that you can do with frames whether you’re hanging them up on the wall or putting them up on a mantelpiece you can use them …

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16 Jun

Summer Lovin' Coloured Picture Frames

The sunshine is here which means we can pull out the bright and bold colours for summer. Here at Frames Express we’re not just about neutrals and tr…

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17 Jan

10 Framing Facts

Get to know your stuff; have a read of our top 10 facts about picture frames …

1. There’s no copyright on frames, one frame can look like anot…

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21 Sep

Wooden Picture Frames- Featured Product

Here at Frames Express we pride ourselves on our huge selection of frames and framing materials. One of our most popular offerings is our range of nat…

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29 Jun

Photo Frames - A Bespoke Photo Finish

Here at Picture Frames Express we pride ourselves on being used by artists, printers and photographers alike however our frames are also a great alter…

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11 Apr

Spring Cleaning - Picture Frame Upkeep

Art and photos in your room may be the main attraction, however, it’s a frame that can make or break the overall display of a piece. Despite this the …

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15 Feb

Multiframe Memory Montages


A Multiframe is a great tool for getting ultra creative with your photo displays. The possibilities are endless in regards to photo combinat…

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27 Oct

Picture Perfect Poster Frames

Whether it’s a replica of the Friends ‘Jouets’ poster, a capture of the scene from your favourite film, a band tour or an inspirational quote …

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19 Aug

The A to Z of Framing

There’s more to picture frames than you might think…
We’ve created an A to Z of framing to illustrate this fact. There’s a lot to con…

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29 Jan

Picture It, Frame It, Gift It


With Valentine’s day just around the corner,whether you are looking to purchase a gift for a loved one, a special someone or a friend, a p…

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27 Oct

Go Sophisticated or Go Edgy with Swept Picture Frames

Are you looking for a more traditional frame for a piece of art? A swept picture frame could be for you!
Generally used within art galleries and muse…

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19 Aug

Top 10 Framing Tips

There’s nothing better than filling your walls with pictures of loved ones, memories, art prints you love and places you will visit; each deserving a …

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17 Jun

Be Shabby-chic, Rustic, Modern and Classic with Antique-look Picture Frames

Here at Picture Frames Express we have available a wide range of antique gold and rustic silver picture frames.
Often people love these types…

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08 Apr

Plexiglass versus Glass

Here at Picture Frames Express we pride ourselves on offering our customers a variety of choice so that they can find their perfect framing solution.

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05 Mar

Be Decorative and Protective with Picture Frame Mounts

Last month we told you about how to choose bright and bold coloured picture frames for your rooms. If however frames aren’t the way you want to go you…

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29 Jan

Coloured Picture Frames: Bring Colour to Your Room


If you have a picture that does not draw the eye like you want it to, or you want to add a splash of colour to your room; coloured picture f…

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09 Jan

Box Frames: Have You Tried One Yet?

If you have something out of the ordinary to frame, you should try one of our customised box frames. They can be used to frame anything from footb…

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16 Oct

How to ‘Antique’ a Wooden Picture Frame

Finding an antique or distressed frame that suits the interior of your home can be a challenge and owning a genuine antique can require a lot of main…

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03 Sep

Why You Need a Framed Film Poster in Your Life

September is upon us. Soon a gaggle of fresh faced young adults will move into their student halls of residence. Among them could well be one of tho…

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13 Aug

How Do You Maintain and Clean Picture Frames?

Frames are a stylish and practical way to show off photos, pictures and mementos, however the best way of maintaining and cleaning your frames depen…

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15 Jun

How to Choose a Mount Colour for Your Photo or Picture

Picture mounts are beneficial for a variety of reasons. They provide protection and support, as well as improving the visual appeal of pictures and p…

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30 Apr

How to Hang a Picture Frame

How to Mount and Hang a Picture Frame on Your Site: Copy and Paste the Code Below

<br /> <img src=”…

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