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31 Oct
Photo Blogging and Photography for Blogs

Photo Blogging and Photography for Blogs

Photos are everywhere nowadays, they don’t only feature as part of adverts on the web, pictures for news articles or photos for family and friends to see when they come over. Now, we actively share pictures of our day-to-day lives, whether it be on Instagram, Facebook or a blog; everyone seems to be beginning to document their lives for all to see.

For this month’s photography blog, we’re going to share with you some tips for capturing photos for blogs and/or instagram. To best capture your life for the people of the world wide web. These tips should help to open up your mind to new photo opportunities as you go about your day, whether it be on your phone or DSLR.

moment excerpts

It’s the Little Things
You don’t need to include absolutely everything! Focus on the little details, zoom-in and capture those cracks in the pavement, those small quirks in facial expressions, excerpts of special moments. When photographing people their whole bodies don’t need to be in a shot to tell a story.

Get Personal
There are so many people out there showing off their lives in photos and yet so many you can scroll down a feed/their page and not see how it’s different to anyone else’s. People become part of your story more and loyal listeners/viewers if you let them in, so capture those special moments with family (if you’re happy to), and show off your weirdness; everyone has unique, weird and wonderful things they love, so try and depict this energy.

rule of thirds

Line it Up
Both cameras and phones tend to have gridline features available, if yours have it it’s worth making use of! The Rule of Thirds is a basic rule for photography as it helps create balanced shots and focused points within your image. Essentially with it the aim is to place your main points/subjects in the 3rds or along the lines within the grids. Read more about it and other techniques in our “14 COMPOSITION TIPS EVERY PHOTOGRAPHER SHOULD KNOW” here.

Space is Ace
The area around and in between your subjects in an image is called ‘negative space’. The more space you include within a photo the better your subject will stand out and claim the attention of your viewers. A much cleaner and professional looking finish; look for backdrop/colours which enhance and complement your subject.

using light-golden hours

Lighting is Everything
Natural light is always best. If you’re looking to photograph outside, arrange to do it during the golden hours; dusk or dawn when the sun isn’t too harsh, in particular when photographing people. Inside your home just choose the best area in your house for lighting, dependent on the time of the day.

If in Doubt – Get Down to Eye Level
If you can, try to get to eye level with your subject matter, often pictures improve when you aren’t always taking on the perspective of looking down at your subject.

trial out angles- birds eye

Trial out Angles
Different things look better using different angles. A relatively flat plate of food for example is better photographed from above looking straight down on it *flatlays*. Likewise people look best when your camera/camera phone is flat on to them. Burgers, drinks and more prominent items look great when the photo is taken at a 45 degree angle so have a play around!

Vignettes are Great for Groups!
Particularly good for items around the home, where groupings may be lost in wider shots, instead set yourself with fewer distractions, the focal point is your group/favourite elements.

Attract Attention with colours

Attract Attention
If you are looking to target a particular network e.g. instagram and gain followers, try and grab attention using bright colours in your photos. It’s a great idea to pick a palette for your subject so you stand out within the feeds.

Press the Button Even If You’re Not Sure
You can never tell if a photo is a keeper or not till you’ve got the shot, so just go for it. You may be surprised! It’s often the most candid and unproduced photos that offer the most when you look back through your camera reel.

photography bloggers

Photography Blog
– Share your recent work
– Build a portfolio of the work you are proudest of
– Share any areas where you felt you have grown/show development
– Tell a story of your personal experience
– Share your wisdom
– Promote your up and coming shows
– Show off your awards
– Let them ‘behind the scenes’

People follow blogs predominantly for two reasons 1) to gain knowledge, 2) to live vicariously through/build a ‘relationship’ with a blogger, remember this when you’re writing for your visitors.

It’s time to develop your creative outlet! Whether you are just starting up or looking to build a following, share your progress with us…

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