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12 Sep
Liberate Your Facebook Photos

Liberate Your Facebook Photos

Estimates on the Internet say there are over 1 billion people around the planet on Facebook.

According to, 300 million photos are uploaded to Facebook every single day!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, you’re on Facebook. Maybe you like to upload holiday snaps, nights out, your pet cat?

Maybe you like to nosey at other people’s photos and maybe you like to look at old photos with your friends and cringe at your old haircuts.

But how many of us print these photos? And how many of these photos do we frame?

Has Technology Killed off the Photo Frame?

Do you remember the days when you bought a CD, a tape or dare we say it: a vinyl? You’d open the artwork inside and marvel at how Michael Jackson looked a bit ‘different’ to his last album, or how clever the gatefold sleeve for Sergeant Pepper was.

With the advent of MP3 players, smart phones and the iPod, a lot of that changed. New technology meant you could carry your music around with you. You didn’t even need to buy the whole album. And you certainly didn’t need a physical object like a CD.

We were wondering if the evolution of technology had the same effect on printed photos as it did on the old fashioned album. After all, apart from older relatives, how many of us can say we have scrapbooks or photo books anymore? Our holiday snaps are kept on clouds these days!

So is there a place for picture frames in the 21st century?

Well we think there is!

Framing the 21st Century Way

We think there’s still a place for framed photos in any home. It makes us sad that photos tend to just sit there, on a cloud, unloved and un-treasured.

We want you to liberate your photos from Facebook, and frame them. Ok, maybe not that embarrassing one from your work night out… or the other embarrassing one from the dance floor at your mate’s wedding… but there are lots of photos that do deserve framing in the 21st century.

  • Baby photos
  • All photos of your kids (the ones where they’re being good)
  • Happy times with friends
  • Funny photos
  • Photos that remind you of good times
  • Professional photos
  • A photo you’re proud of taking
  • Photos of ‘absent friends’
  • Milestones such as first day at school, first steps, graduation, wedding day and birthdays.
  • Your favourite photo with your partner
  • Photos from when you were thinner, younger and generally more fabulous.

How to Print Facebook Photos

There are a quite a few apps that let you print your Facebook photos including those from, and It’s recommended you print Facebook photo prints in 6×4” or wallet size because of pixilation issues.

How it usually works is: you sign up to the app on the website. You are asked to upload the photos you’d like to print. You may pay per photo, although there are often discounts for bulk prints. Sometimes online photo printers run offers on websites like and, meaning further discounts.

Your photos will be sent out to you in the post. Then you can start framing them!

If you’re more ‘Instagram’ than ‘Facebook’, go to They can print your Instagram pics so they look like retro Polaroids!

Be Selective About What You Frame

We recommend avoiding framing any of the following Facebook photos. We have your best interests at heart!

  • Your last Christmas ‘do’
  • Your class photo from when you were 6
  • Any ‘selfies’
  • Your pet in a costume
  • Your ex

We love to hear from you so tell us what you think! Talk to us on Facebook and Twitter and share your photo tips!


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