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Fit an item - Canvas floating frame


From the Canvas fixing kit, peel off one Velcro hook and one loop from the tape.


Align the Velcro hook and loop together.


Press the Velcro hook and loop together.


Lay the frame face up onto a clean, flat surface and then place the combined Velcro hook and loop inside the frame approximately 15mm from the inside edge.


Gently place the canvas inside the frame ( do not press down ).


Align the canvas inside the frame so there is an equal gap all around and then gently press each corner to adhere the Velcro to the canvas and frame.


Turn the frame around and using a 3mm drill bit, drill two 10mm deep pilot holes
into the back of each frame section, top, bottom, left and right.


Using a Pozzi head screwdriver and the self cutting screws from the Canvas fixing kit,
screw the canvas to the frame.


Using a pencil, mark the position for the d-ring fitting on the back of the frame, in most cases this will be approximately 1/3 of the way down and central from the top of the frame, use a tape measure or ruler to ensure the distances are equal.


Place the hanging d-rings over the pencil marks created in the previous step.


Using a Pozzi head screwdriver, screw the d-rings into the frame.


Loop the cord through the two d-rings and tie up as securely as possible.


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