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Where to hang your frame

Hanging pictures on your wall can create a dramatic focal point and if the picture is hung well the effect will be a good one too! Remember, it is you who will be looking at it every day!

As a standard rule of thumb, Art Galleries use the 60 Inches or 1520mm rule. This is the distance from the floor underneath where the picture is to be hung to the centre of the picture.

This brings the focal point in the picture to the same level as most peoples eyes. Positioning this way works well for any installation. However, this is not always possible. You may have a large fireplace or non-movable objects which make this impossible.

We know this may sound obvious, but we suggest taping together old newspapers to make a template the exact size of the picture and frame. Then, using Blue-tack, place the template in the spot you are considering. Stand well back to see if the effect and position are what you had in mind. If it is then great, but if it isn’t then no problem, You can remove the paper and blue tack and have a re-think!

The key here is to make sure the position is spot on before banging nails or drilling holes into the wall !

When you are satisfied you have found the correct position for your picture, make a small pencil mark at the top of the paper exactly in the middle. This will be a guide for putting the hanging hooks on the wall.

If you have used D-rings, cord and screws, with your frame still on the carpet with it’s cord fitted use a pencil to mark a point exactly in the middle of the frame on the top section.

Then, using your finger underneath the cord, pull the cord as near as you can to the centre point marked out on the top section of the frame. Then make a mark of this position with the pencil.

With a ruler or tape measure, measure the distance between the pencil mark on the top of the frame and the pencil mark from the top of the cord. This is the distance you will need to position the hanging hook underneath the mark made on the wall. If your frame is quite large and will be hanging form cord,  we suggest subtracting 20mm from this size to allow for the weight of the frame.

You now have the correct position marked on the wall to install your chosen fixing, now see below. How to hang a picture frame on a wall.

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