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If you have a question about picture framing...

Multi Frame - Frame and Mount - Full Picture

To make ordering as simple as possible you  choose a layout and enter
your picture sizes, the software will calculate all other sizes and apply
all tolerances from these inputs automatically.

To demonstrate the process we have created the following example
using this New York taxi scene in a one across and two picture down layout.

How to measure and order –
A Multi frame for the full size of your pictures.

1 – Measure the full width and height of each picture –
these are the picture sizes you enter.

2 – The sizes you enter are automatically reduced by 8mm – this is done
so the sizes sit behind the openings ( 4mm all around ) and cannot fall through!

3 – Enlarged view of a size ‘BEHIND’ the opening in the mount.

4 – The border widths you enter are added on to the reduced sizes
which in turn adds up to the overall mount and internal frame size.

5 – The mount then fits ‘ INSIDE ‘ the  frame behind the rebate.

6 – Enlarged view of the mount  ‘INSIDE’ the frame behind the rebate.

If you require a quote or a Multi mount on its own.

To do this we require a detailed diagram that includes all EXACT
dimensions for manufacture (not the picture sizes).

The quickest and easiest way to do this is for you to draw a diagram on
paper and either scan or take a photograph of it and email it to us.

Example Diagram.

On the diagram be sure to include.

1 – The EXACT size of each opening in MM (not the picture sizes)
2 – The border widths all around in MM
3 – The border width in between each opening (20mm minimum)
4 – The total size of the mount in MM
5 – The mount description and code
6 – The frame code and description (if required)

In the email be sure to include.

1 – Your name
2 – The full delivery address
3 – A contact telephone number for delivery

We then follow the diagram exactly for quotation and manufacture.

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